Vlad Rozov

DRILL-6693: When a query is started from Drill Web Console, the UI becomes inaccessible until the query finishes

git closes #1440

DRILL-6554: Minor code improvements in parquet statistics handling

closes #1349

DRILL-6481: Rename ParquetXXXPredicates to ParquetXXXPredicate

closes #1312

DRILL-6481: Refactor ParquetXXXPredicate classes

closes #1312

DRILL-6435: MappingSet is stateful, so it can't be shared between threads

DRILL-6353: Upgrade Parquet MR dependencies

closes #1259

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DRILL-6281: Introduce Collectors class for internal iterators

closes #1238

DRILL-6281: Refactor TimedRunnable

DRILL-6281: Refactor TimedRunnable (rename TimedRunnable to TimedCallable)

DRILL-6295: PartitionerDecorator may close partitioners while CustomRunnable are active during query cancellation

This closes #1208

DRILL-6288: Upgrade org.javassist:javassist and org.reflections:reflections

closes #1185

DRILL-6287: apache-release profile should be disabled by default

closes #1182

DRILL-6280: Cleanup execution of BuildTimeScan during maven build

closes #1177

DRILL-6237: Upgrade checkstyle version to 5.9 or above

closes #1163

DRILL-6053: Avoid excessive locking in LocalPersistentStore

closes #1163

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DRILL-6151: Fragment executors may terminate without sending final batch to a downstream causing query to hang

closes #1151

DRILL-5994: Enable configuring number of Jetty acceptors and selectors (default to 1 acceptor and 2 selectors)

closes #1148

DRILL-6202: Deprecate usage of IndexOutOfBoundsException to re-alloc vectors

closes #1144

DRILL-6164: Heap memory leak during parquet scan and OOM

closes #1122

DRILL-5902: Queries encounter random failure due to RPC connection timed out

close apache/drill#1113

DRILL-6030: Managed sort should minimize number of batches in a k-way merge

This closes #1075

DRILL-6004: Direct buffer bounds checking should be disabled by default

This closes #1070

DRILL-6002: Avoid memory copy from direct buffer to heap while spilling to local disk

close apache/drill#1058

DRILL-5961: For long running queries (> 10 min) Drill may raise FragmentSetupException for completed/cancelled fragments

This closes #1041

DRILL-5917: Ban org.json:json library in Drill

This closes #1031

DRILL-5936: Refactor MergingRecordBatch based on code inspection

This closes #1025

DRILL-5905: Exclude jdk-tools from project dependencies

closes #1009

DRILL-5876: Use openssl profile to include netty-tcnative dependency with the platform specific classifier

This closes #1004

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DRILL-5862 Update project parent pom xml to the latest ASF version

This closes #985

DRILL-3449: When Foreman node dies, the FragmentExecutor still tries to send status updates to Foreman

closes #934