Vova Vysotskyi

DRILL-7761: Drill fails with OOM for the case of large filter conditions

DRILL-7739: Allow implicit casts from required to nullable data type

closes #2080

DRILL-7741: Columns are missing when using convert_from function

closes #2081

DRILL-7738: Fix TestDynamicUDFSupport failure for GitHub Actions

DRILL-7707: Unable to analyze table metadata is it resides in non-writable workspace

DRILL-7710: Fix TestMetastoreCommands#testDefaultSegment test

DRILL-7702: Update shaded guava

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DRILL-7702: Update ZooKeeper and Curator, exclude org.codehaus.jackson

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DRILL-7702: Update httpclient, libthrift, httpdlog-parser, jetty, derby, exclude and ban log4j, jasper-runtime, commons-httpclient

closes #2057

DRILL-7673: View set query fails with NPE for non-existing option

closes #2043

DRILL-6604: Upgrade Drill Hive client to Hive3.1 version

closes #2038

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DRILL-7654: Add support for JDK 14

DRILL-7651: Increase timeout for TestLargeFileCompilation to avoid GitHub Action failures and fix concurrent issue in TestTpchDistributedConcurrent

Update docs for Metastore to point that all format plugins are supported

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DRILL-7643: Fix issues with using columns with the same name as a reserved keyword

closes #2028

DRILL-7330: Implement metadata usage for all format plugins

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DRILL-7635: Mongo tests fail for profiles with the non-file default file system

DRILL-7628: Fix Mongo tests broken after the fix for DRILL-7547

closes #2015

DRILL-7623: Link error is displayed at the log content page on Web UI

closes #2011

DRILL-7615: UNION ALL query returns the wrong result for the decimal value

closes #2006

DRILL-7477: Allow passing table function parameters into ANALYZE statement

- Fix logical dir pruning when table function is used

closes #2005

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DRILL-7592: Add missing licenses and update plugins exclusion list and fix licenses

closes #1989

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DRILL-7589: Set temporary tests folder for UDF_DIRECTORY_LOCAL, fix allocators closing in BloomFilterTest and TestWriteToDisk, fix permissions issue for TestGracefulShutdown tests

closes #1987

Additional changes for Drill Metastore docs

DRILL-7565: ANALYZE TABLE ... REFRESH METADATA does not work for empty Parquet files

- Fixed ConvertMetadataAggregateToDirectScanRule rule to distinguish array columns correctly and proceed using other parquet metadata if such columns are found.

- Added new implicit column which signalizes whether the empty result is obtained during collecting metadata and helps to distinguish real data results from metadata results.

- Updated scan to return row with metadata if the above implicit column is present.

- Added unit tests for checking the correctness of both optional and required columns from empty files.

closes #1985

DRILL-5733: Unable to SELECT from parquet file with Hadoop 2.7.4

closes #1969

DRILL-7570: Fix unstable statistics tests

DRILL-7543: Use GitHub Actions for CI

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More changes after code review

DRILL-7540: Update Calcite.md doc