Tom Watson

FELIX-6159 - Handle IllegalStateException when configuration is deleted
FELIX-6155 - Add version to metadata store file

If the stored version is not the current version

of the implementation then the cached metadata is


FELIX-6155 - Add integration tests for caching of component metadata
FELIX-6155 - Add unit tests for caching of component meta data
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FELIX-6155 - Move methods from XmlHandlerTest to ComponentBase class

Some of the methods in XmlHandlerTest are moved to ComponentBase because

the can be general useful in other tests.

FELIX-6155 - Add caching of service component metadata

By default the caching is disabled. The configuration property (or

framework launch property) ds.cache.metadata can be set to the string

"true" to enable the support. Unfortunately dynamically setting this

with config admin is problematic because the cache is read at activation

time currently. This could be enhanced to read the cache any time the

value is set to true dynamically. For now it is required to be set from

the start with a system or framework launch property

FELIX-6140: possible deadlock in ResolverImpl.EnhancedExecutor.await()

Change await implementation to use a Queue<Future<Void>> to avoid

inaccurate accounting of task count to wait for completion when an

exception is thrown from executor.execute() method. There are scenarios

where the resolver algorithm can take a huge amount of memory resulting

in out of memory errors. If this happens to occur when dispatching a

task to the executor then the count was never decremented.

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.scr-2.1.16
Update changelog
Update changelog
FELIX-6056 - stop exporting promises and function
WORKING - fix NPE on ServiceRef.getBundle
FELIX-6050 - Use common code for PrototypRefPair

Add an AbstractPrototypeRefPair to allow the Single

and Multiple implementations to share common code

FELIX-6043 - depend on R7 packages for promise and function
FELIX-6044 - Fixes for maintaining correct reference usage

- unget non-prototype service refs

- avoid creating multiple prototype instances for same component

FELIX-6046 - fix gogo shell thread interrupt.
Remove unused import
FELIX-6038: pull Java 7 support back in for gogo runtime,shell and console
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FELIX-6041 - allow scr commands to work when gogo.runtime resolves later

Remove the optional dependency on org.apache.felix.service.command

package to allow gogo.runtime to be installed and resolved after the SCR

bundle. This allows the scr gogo commands to work while avoiding a wire

from the SCR bundle to the gogo packages.

This is achieved by generating a proxy instance of the Converter service

and registering it with the gogo.runtime BundleContext (or what ever

bundle registers the CommandProcessor service.

FELIX-6026 - Fix ScrInfo service issues
FELIX-6036 - avoid stashing stale RefPair objects in OpenStatus
FELIX-5989 - Avoid passing null arguments for formating debug messages

The null values should not be passed if there are no place holders in the message to insert the null values

FELIX-5958: gogo command exports org.osgi.service.log
FELIX-5416 - Endless loop throwing InterruptedException when shutting down framework
ARIES-1729 - Including resources with no manifest or bundle symbolic names causes NPE
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ARIES-1724: Proxy generates calls to static methods in <clinit> which can fail on Java 9
FELIX-5628 : Global lock in FieldHandler.NotResolved::resolve method can cause deadlock

Fix ported to OSGi R7 impl

FELIX-5613 : SCR bundle fails to start without Config Admin

Need to add back imports for ConfigurationException and ManagedService

FELIX-5628 : Global lock in FieldHandler.NotResolved::resolve method can cause deadlock