Eric Barboni

DOAP information for release 2.2.4

change style and template to have a kind of enunciate 1.x style that we can use

change to handle new template

put documentation on the same folder as before 2.0.0x migration make servlet compatible with new layout (not enough)

comment around repository and reorder them to focus on git

MRM-1892 fix wrong id for pagination div

add repository section for svn

MRM-1887 fix alter url for file-release remove svn for doap validation

MRM-1887 fix bug-database link separate release

MRM-1886 bind javascript to tr instead li (change in html)

add 2.2.0 to doap file

ignore netbeans ide file

MRM-1848 lazy fix for tar.gz

MRM-1863 synchronize link and text link display for repository group ctd

MRM-1863 synchronize link and text link display for repository group

sonar fixes

sonar fixes

sonar fixes

MRM-1811 add alternative pagination for simplegrid

MRM-1865 remove isPermanent flag

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exclude netbeans ide from rat check

update doap to apache archiva 1.3.9 and 2.1.1 git coordinate

MRM-1767 changerepository location missing slash

MRM-770 Related. Display classifier (use table because of messy alignment with lot of information)

ignore netbeans ide file

fix error text for MRM-1851

synchro parent version for it test + bump version

add a profile for coverage (jacoco-coverage)

create a testrule to get a temp folder with a predictible name

use redback registry snapshot to converge on spring 4.1.0