Sander Temme

Add note about external PCRE dependency
Merge note about now-external APR dependency from 2.4 branch, and add note about PCRE
Backport documentation updates for mod_heartbeat, mod_heartmonitor and mod_watchdog
Changes to mod_heart* docs upon review by rjung
Update heartbeat module documentation, add documentation for mod_watchdog
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Whack the BOM
Point to list of undocumented modules in the docs subdirectory
Link the modules that use it against the XML library so the server will start.
Backport proposal from Daniel Ruggeri
Update ApacheCon info
Review of RFC 2616 violation issues in Bugzilla, by Igor Galić.

Vote. Even if there is no Vote.
Remove link to the deprecated, change the embedded search form to point to Google (copied from the 2.2 documentation). Unfortunately my editor can't copy UTF-8 バージョン into a iso-2022-jp document, so I changed the resulting garbage to 'Apache' which I hope will do the trick. If not, I am open to suggestions.
Add ACNA 2010 banners to images dir, and display one on the home page
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Update ACNA2010 item
Add ApacheCon NA 2010 CFP prose to homepage
Final IfDefines to make Apache 1.3 not fall over IfVersion
Incomplete edits needed to help the testsuite run against Apache 1.3 which does not know about IfVersion
Push out HTML version of r900266
Move ApacheCon US 2009 to the past. It was fun.
The RewriteLock directive disappeared from the server as of this version. Work around this by leveraging mod_version, which is in the default module complement
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enable support for ECC keys and ECDH ciphers. Tested against

OpenSSL 1.0.0b3. [Vipul Gupta vipul.gupta, Sander Temme]

Some additional new feature goodness to be part of 2.4. Please review
Remove mod_unique_id from the default build.

Reviewed by: sctemme, niq, rpluem

We now check for OCSP support in configure, so we can lose an OpenSSL version

number check. Use a type safe STACK.

Expose whether a request was served over an Initial or Resumed SSL session to the environment
Note PR for OpenSSL type-safe STACK fix in CHANGES
Clean up more compiler emits. Add CHANGES entry, credit Kasper for the OpenSSL STACK fix
Update transformation
Updates to locations of several modules. Also add link to sandbox itself.