Parth Chandra

DRILL-6657: Unnest reports one batch less than the actual number of batches

DRILL-6631: Streaming agg causes queries with Lateral and Unnest to return incorrect results.

This commit fixes issues with handling straight aggregates (no group by)

with empty batches received between EMIT(s).

closes #1399

DRILL-6618: Unnest changes for implicit column Unnest changes to do batch processing and produce an extra implicit column for Lateral to keep mapping between left rows and right output rows

DRILL-6592: Unnest record batch size is called too frequently

closes #1376

DRILL-6596: Fix fillEmpties and set methods for Nullable variable length vectors to not use emptyByteArray

closes #1377

DRILL-6516: EMIT support in streaming agg

This closes #1358

DRILL-6576: Unnest reports incoming record counts incorrectly

This closes #1362

Revert "DRILL-4020: The not-equal operator returns incorrect results when used on the HBase row key"

This reverts commit 0d5eda83fe34928ff60629e6a4903d43a1d82582.

DRILL-6323: Fix license headers

DRILL-6440: Unnest unit tests and fixes for stats

- Add unit test with mock input, nested lateral and unnest and project.

- Fix unit test involving batch limits, ignore map tests

- Fix input row count stats.

closes #1283

Update version to 1.14.0-SNAPSHOT

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DRILL-6218: Update release profile to not generate MD5 checksum

This closes #1156

DRILL-6324: Unnest - Add tests with real Unnest and real Lateral.

Code cleanup, more comments, fix license headers, and more logging.

Refactor Unnest to allow setting in incoming batch after construction

fix compilation after rebase

This closes #1223

DRILL-6188: Fix C++ client build on Centos7, OS X

closes #1132

DRILL-6324: Unnest - Initial Implementation

- Based on Flatten

- Implement unnestRecords in UnnestTemplate

- Remove unnecessary code inherited from Flatten/Project. Add schema change handling.

- Fix build failure after rebase since RecordBatchSizer used by UNNEST was relocated to a different package

- Add unit tests

- Handling of input row splitting across multiple batches. Also do not kill incoming in killIncoming.

- Schema change generated by Unnest

DRILL-5694: Do not allow queries to access paths outside the current workspace root

closes #1050

DRILL-5888: Remove dependency of SSLConfig on package. This allows jdbc-all-jar to be built without hadoop dependencies

This closes #1002

DRILL-5877: - Fix travis build. Add *.pem and *.p12 files to rat exclusions.

This closes #995

DRILL-5873: (C++ Client) Improve SASL error reporting.

This closes #992

DRILL-5865: fix build

closes #986

DRILL-5431: Regenerate protobuf files

This closes #950

DRILL-5727: Update release profile to generate SHA-512 checksum.

Also, remove sha1 checksum from release package

closes #951

DRILL-5431: SSL Support (Java) - Fix display of client-server encryption status in GUI

DRILL-5971: Fix INT64, INT32 logical types in complex parquet reader

Added the following types : ENUM (Binary annotated as ENUM) INT96 (Dictionary encoded)

Fixed issue with reading Dictionary encoded fixed width reader

Added test file generator

This closes #1049

DRILL-5698: Revert unnecessary changes to C++ client

DRILL-5431: SSL Support (C++) - Fix Sasl on Windows to build from source (instead of install) directory

DRILL-5431: SSL Support (C++) - Add (Netty like) socket abstraction that encapsulates a TCP socket or a SSL Stream on TCP.

The testSSL program tests the client connection against a drillbit by sending a drill handshake.

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DRILL-5431: SSL Support (Java) - Add test certificates, keys, keystore, and truststore.

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DRILL-5431: SSL Support (C++) - Update DrillClientImpl to use Channel implementation

Also remove ChannelContextFactory and merge it into ChannelFactory

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DRILL-5659: Fix error code checking in reading from socket This closes #876