Add a note about prepared DBD queries to rewritemap docs.

PR#60440 identifies this as a gotcha

Add a note about prepared DBD queries to rewritemap docs.

PR#60440 identifies this as a gotcha!

Vote in haste

Improve mod_proxy_html docs: add topic sections for customisation and i18n

problems that generate user and bugzilla questions.

Backport mod_proxy_html doctype fixes.

PR#56457 included.


mod_proxy_html: fix metafix handling of <meta http-equiv> elements


httpd/2.4 STATUS: propose, review

Russian translations of errordocs.

Contributed by Alexander Gaganashvili.

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
The other half of r1442409: fix mod_proxy_html doctype-handling typos

PR 56457

propose backport

mod_speling/PR 38923: don't embed Referer in link in error page.

Try again with those links

Fix (hopefully) links in markdown for PGP verification update.

Further improve PGP verification instructions.

Update PGP verification instructions in the light of 32-bit brokenness.

Introduce request taint-checking concept.

mod_xml2enc: cut out inappropriate fallback (and misleading log message)

when we've failed to detect a charset but successfully fallen back to

config default.

Analysis by Tim Skopnik, patch by niq.

mod_filter: Fix AddOutputFilterByType with non-content-level filters.

PR58856 (Micha Lenk)

Status review: vote, promote, comment.

Propose backports

mod_session_dbd: Request Notes should have request lifetime.

Patch by Jacob Champion at

mod_substitute: Fix configuraton merge order.

PR 57641 [Marc.Stern]

Make REDIRECT_URL a complete URL (where set).

PR 57785

mod_proxy_html: support automatic doctype detection.

PR 56285

Patch by Micha Lenk, adapted by niq

mod_proxy_html: skip documents < 4 bytes

PR 56286

Micha Lenk

Fix r1533728. Not a great idea to dereference process after pool destroy!

PR 55670

Don't risk failing silently at startup when running in a tty.

Fix the authn_socache example, as per users@ discussion and

Ben Johnson's comment on the page itself

Chop inappropriate detail from my recent CHANGES entry