Nanda kumar

HDDS-1372. getContainerWithPipeline for a standalone pipeline fails with ConcurrentModificationException. (#682)

HDDS-1389. Fix testSCMChillModeRestrictedOp. (#696)

HDDS-1207. Refactor Container Report Processing logic and plugin new Replication Manager. (#662)

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HDDS-1009. TestAbortMultipartUpload is missing the apache license text. Contributed by Dinesh Chitlangia.

HDDS-973. HDDS/Ozone fail to build on Windows. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao.

HDDS-990. Typos in Ozone doc. Contributed by Doroszlai, Attila.

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HDDS-906. Display the ozone version on SCM/OM web ui instead of Hadoop version. Contributed by Doroszlai, Attila.

HDDS-1007. Add robot test for AuditParser. Contributed by Dinesh Chitlangia.

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HDDS-1006. AuditParser assumes incorrect log format. Contributed by Dinesh Chitlangia.

HDDS-949. Update Ratis to 0.4.0-a8c4ca0-SNAPSHOT. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao.