Martin Stockhammer

Switching to https protocol for

Switching to https protocol for

Improving log messages

Setting jackson version

Adapting to redback dependency changes.

Fix for JDK11 dependencies

Adapting to dependency changes of redback

Adapting to component registry changes. Updating to commons configuration 2.

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Switching site publish to asf-staging branch

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    • binary
Changing dependencies to new spring-quartz component

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Adding parent as upstream trigger

Changing eferences to moved spring-taskqueue component

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Removing spring-util dependency

Fixing scope for annotation in consumer-archetype

Switching to moved component-spring-cache module

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    • +1
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Adding flag for using local jenkins

Removing duplicate dependency entry

Applying references after package change of components spring-registry and expression-evaluator

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Adding redback build as upstream trigger

Removing plexus dependency

Fixing time zone issue

Switching to zip file for index test

Adding unzip utility method

Moving license plugin to profile

Adding parameter for build threads

Fixing repository path

Removing dependency on ComponentContainer (spring-utils)

Using variables for dependency versions

Removing velocity dependency

Switching to new rome version for rss