John Andrunas

Merge pull request #1663 from apache/cml/spamhtml

per recent mail, reduce the intensity of the HTML-only spam rules

Merge pull request #1657 from apache/cml/fixes

remove a useless script from y nodes

Merge pull request #1643 from apache/humbedooh/tlp-stageD

Add stageD to tlp servers for publishing via .asf.yaml

Merge pull request #1635 from FSchumacher/jmeter-nightly-correct-links

Correct links for JMeter nightlies

OF: bumped confluence version for testing purposes

OF: changing arrow-site branch per INFRA-18914

Merge pull request #1597 from apache/christ/INFRA-18351

moving to gitbox INFRA-18351

OF: repo names were git not svn, good now.

Merge pull request #1579 from apache/cml/recrypt-psql01

OF: recrypt for john

Merge pull request #1576 from apache/cml/excludelist

add some rsync exclusion list testing

Fix for fisheye hook

extract the project for the commit and use it in the fisheye hook

OF: cleanup verbosity.

OF: make curl verbose.

OF: correcting github repo name for pagespeed.a.o

OF: adding pagespeed.a.o

removing comment for flagon svn auth

renameing senssoft project to flagon per INFRA-18100

updating for migration of joshua project from incubating to tlp

eyaml headaches

raising limits to address rate limiting during normal usage

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