Jean-Frederic Clere

Add my slides.

Set connectiontimeout for mod_proxy_hcheck.

Fix for

Arrange balancer_handler() to be able to call

balancer_process_balancer_worker() to create/enable/disable

workers from another modules via a provider.

No functional changes in this first commit.

Add ApacheCon NA and EU link on all pages.

  1. … 42 more files in changeset.
Add ApacheCon NA 2019.

Create the configure for mod_proxy_hcheck when used in BalancerMember.

PR 60757

Allow to compile with --enable-insecure-export-ciphers

Add missing doc.

Add back the getters and setters and arrange the Listener so that it works in tomcat9.

Arrange the xml display and make it uses xml.

fix incorrect rv. Sorry.

Add error messages and return bad request.

remove sk_OCSP_CERTID_free() related logic, the free is done in OCSP_REQUEST_free().

Fix another memory leak.

Arrange code to make it more easy to find memory leaks

fix one memory leak:

+ OPENSSL_free(hostname);

+ OPENSSL_free(c_port);

+ OPENSSL_free(path);

Free the response in the place where it is allocated.

rollback 1844001.

And a way to custom modules to guess and extract ssl variable.

See for example...

Arrange the link.

Add the missing CVE.

Add tc8.5.x missing CVE.

add the missing CVE to Tomcat 8.0.x release.

Add the missing fixed CVE.

Add the CVE fixed in 1.2.17

Allow openssl.pc to be in lib64 (like other components).

Fix the openssl version typo and add 2018 in index...

And the 1.2.17 native information.

    • ?
2018 and 1.2.17 information.

Adjust the download links for tomcat-native.