Joel Bernstein

Add visual guide link
SOLR-8550: Add asynchronous DaemonStreams to the Streaming API
SOLR-8514, SOLR-8502: Implement StatementImpl.execute(String sql), StatementImpl.getResultSet(), and StatementImpl.getUpdateCount()
SOLR-8516, SOLR-8502: Implement ResultSetImpl.getStatement
SOLR-8515, SOLR-8502: Implement StatementImpl.getConnection
SOLR-8513,SOLR-8502: Implement ResultSetImpl.getMetaData()
SOLR-8502: Implement DatabaseMetaDataImpl.getURL()
SOLR-8503: Implement and getCatalog
SOLR-8002: Added more test cases
SOLR-8002: Add column alias support to the Parallel SQL Interface
SOLR-8433: Change how HttpClient is initialized in attempt to eliminate test failures
SOLR-7535: Add UpdateStream to Streaming API and Streaming Expression
SOLR-8433: Move logging for HttpClientConfigurer
SOLR-8433: Adding logging for HttpClientConfigurer
SOLR-8443: Change /stream handler http param from stream to expr
SOLR-8433: Adding logging for schemes
SOLR-8433: Adding logging
SOLR-8433: IterativeMergeStrategy test failures due to SSL errors on Windows
SOLR-8191: Update CHANGES.txt
SOLR-8191: Gaurd against CloudSolrStream close method NullPointerException
SOLR-6398: Add IterativeMergeStrategy to support running Parallel Iterative Algorithms inside of Solr
SOLR-8337: Add ReduceOperation and wire it into the ReducerStream
SOLR-8266: Remove Java Serialization from the Streaming API
SOLR-8179: SQL JDBC - DriverImpl loadParams doesn't support keys with no values in the connection string
SOLR-8262: Comment out /stream handler from sample solrconfig.xml's for security reasons
SOLR-8262: Comment out /stream handler from sample solrconfig.xml's for security reasons
Adding myself to the PMC list
SOLR-8153: Support upper case and mixed case column identifiers in the SQL interface
SOLR-8086: Add support for SELECT DISTINCT queries to the SQL interface
Call waitForRecoveriesToFinish(false) in the Streaming and SQL tests.