Issac Goldstand

2.15 cycle
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2.14 release started
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release branch for 2.14
on further reflection, this is syntaxically equivalent to r1770814
fix tests to work with httpd24 (reported by
Restore Windows (and NeXT and NetWare etc) build of test suite following revision 1124400 <stevehay> (patch was modified)

Remove redundant httpcookie documentation

Updated old version numbers in download.html
Grammatical fix
Fix broken XML for download page
Try to nicen the 1.3 doc deprecation which currently indents the page way too much (for my good taste, at least)
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Remove 1.3 from download page and mark documentation as deprecated
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Updated changes made while reviewing CPAN RT buglist
CPAN RT #18371: Apache2::Cookie docs synopsis should say "...->bake($r);", not just "...->bake;" (
Update license as requested in CPAN RT Bug #65444 (
If mod_deflate is not built, the Apache-Test httpd will not start [Fred Moyer]
Updated release instructions
update_version will now handle RELEASE + WEBSITE + itself.
start 2.14 dev cycle
libapreq2-2.13 docs
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libapreq2-2.13 release
Tag 2.13
2.14 cycle
2.13 release started
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Branch for 2.13 release
Add mod_domain (aka mod_dns)
Perl glue tests (and extra docs) for HttpOnly
HttpOnly cookie support
Started release for 2.11
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Release branch for 2.11

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