Greg Stein

Tweaks to the 1.10 release notes.

* release-notes/1.10.html:

(Filesystem format bump):

clarify f8 is new to 1.10.

link "svnadmin info" to some docco on it.

Suggested by: danielsh

rewrite unclear sentence. fix typo.
Deprecate svn cutter, per ESR's email to dev@subversion. Point to his

new "reposurgeon" project site.

See: Message-Id: <>

* publish/site-banner.html: tweak to reference new logo

* publish/images/apache-logo.png: new ASF logo

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some votes
you bet.
vote/approve for a mod_dav patch backport
Nominate r175 (sorta). danielsh voted via IRC.

Grab r175 from upstream. The patch doesn't apply cleanly, so I

manually applied and indented properly.

Suggested by: danielsh

* tools/server-side/svnpubsub/

(Daemon.daemonize): apply r175 concept. use O_EXCL.

Create a 1.8.x backport branch to pick up r175 of (rather

than backporting trunk's copy which has major changes).

Track upstream: pick up r175, which fixes a potential symlink attack

on the pidfile.

* tools/server-side/svnpubsub/ new version

Propagate the r1515635 template change into the generated page.

* site/publish/download/download.html:

(...): label the sections with the full Apache Subversion name

* tools/dist/templates/download.ezt:

(...): throw an Apache in there

* site/publish/download/download.html:

[supported]: this is hosted on the mirror network. remove note about

Fix Subversion's name.

* site/publish/index.html:

* site/publish/news.html:

(...): the 1.7.x series is named Apache Subversion

propose r1506714 for backport
propose r1506714 for backport
Fix bug #55304 with the provided patch, slightly reformatted.

In short: do not validate conditions of a COPY source's parent since

it is not modified during the operation.

* modules/dav/main/mod_dav.c:

(dav_method_copymove): adjust params to dav_validate_request()

Followup to r1505482 and friends:

The SVN__PREDICT_* macros should be the same across platforms. Always

take an argument.

* subversion/svn_private_config.hw:

(SVN__PREDICT_*): take an argument. evaluate to the same.

Followup to r1461851 and its merge to trunk in r1502712:

Fix the while() construction to properly have parens. We should not

rely on the macro expression to provide parentheses.

Fix the non-GCC expansion of SVN__PREDICT_*() to actually perform the



(svn_private_config:SVN__PREDICT_*): default to (x)

* subversion/libsvn_subr/compress.c:

(svn__decode_uint): add parens for the while() statement.

Remove obsoleted branch.

Move approved tristate chunking branch to Approved. Remove obsoleted

busted-proxy and related 411 error message groups.

merge two patch suggestions and apply a third revision. apply lots of

muddling to the voting matrix.

Revise the 411 help message, added in r1500837 and r1500857

* subversion/libsvn_ra_serf/util.c:

(svn_ra_serf__error_on_status): update config option name

update for the 1.8.x-busted-proxy branch

On the 1.8.x-busted-proxy branch:

Perform a catchup-merge from the 1.8.x branch. (ensured clean merge,

and reduces overall diff)

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  1. … 30 more files in changeset.
On the 1.8.x-busted-proxy branch:

One more time: remove the public symbol, and switch to a private symbol.

On the 1.8.x-busted-proxy branch:

Merge r1502099 (uses new option name)

On the 1.8.x-busted-proxy branch:

Revert r1499225 (restore public CONFIG_OPTION symbol).