Gavin McDonald

The nightly buildbot has moved to a new host with a more upto date svn.

We now need to specify --force to overwrite existing exported files.

* tools/dist/ - we need to force file replacements

Comment out the calling of function that commits nightlies to svn.

We don't need this as we have them available at

I asume actual release candidates will be manually committed or otherwise

made available.

* dist/ comment out call to post-candidates

build_env requires an arg. trunk-nightly is a special arg to bypass

the major/minor checks.

* tools/dist/ add an arg for build_env

Fix 12 license header issues.

* tools/dist/rat-excludes: Add four entries (one wildcard).

* tools/client-side/

* tools/dev/benchmarks/suite1/cronjob: Add license header.

Approved by: rhuijben

Correct path for where symlinks to go.

* tools/dist/

Approved by : danielsh

mkdir ready for code import

Mention the X-Consortium license and containing file in NOTICE

Suggested by and Approved by : danielsh

Exclude build/install-sh from RAT checks based on compatible license.

* tools/dist/rat-excludes : Added to rat-excludes

Approved by: danielsh

Add license headers where possible, or exclude the file in rat-excludes.

* build/config.guess : Added to rat-excludes

* build/config.sub : Added to rat-excludes

* subversion/bindings/swig/python/tests/trac/versioncontrol/ :

Added to rat-excludes

* subversion/tests/cmdline/ : Added a License

* subversion/tests/cmdline/svntest/ Added to rat-excludes

* subversion/tests/manual/ : Added a License

* tools/buildbot/master/public_html/buildbot.css : Added to rat-excludes

* tools/client-side/ : Added a License

* tools/dev/iz/defect.dem : Added to rat-excludes

* tools/dev/iz/ff2csv.command : Added to rat-excludes

* tools/dev/unix-build/Makefile.svn : Added a License

* tools/dev/ : Added a License

* tools/dev/wc-ng/ : Added a License

* tools/dev/wc-ng/ : Added a License

* tools/dev/windows-build/Makefile : Added a License

* tools/dev/windows-build/ : Added a License

* tools/examples/svnlog2html.rb : Added a License

* tools/hook-scripts/commit-email.rb : Added a License

* tools/hook-scripts/mailer/tests/mailer-t1.output : Added to rat-excludes

* tools/hook-scripts/mailer/tests/mailer.conf : Added a License

Approved by: rhuijben

fix path
new osx slave
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Move Aries repo to TLP position. INFRA-3316
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    • +0
  1. /samples/blog/blog-biz/src/main/resources
  2. /jpa/jpa-container-context/src/main/resources
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  3. /eba-maven-plugin/src/test/remote-repo/org
  4. … 4524 more files in changeset.
Add myself to Hudson/Buildbot areas - Approved by gstein
Configs changed for Hudson Builds

Both Solaris builds moved to hudson-solaris.a.o

some builds changed to point to correct/added to apr/apr-util

some needed to point to correct sqlite.c rather than use installed binary

some dependencies needed installing on some slaves

All builds now use a fresh checkout, no need for update mode, doesnt save much

Polling times staggered a bit

emails re-enabled where it was disabled

emails for multiple failing builds disabled, just have the first occurance

other tweaks

tika now a tlp, moved svn
Nutch a tlp, moving svn
Move click to tlp