Gavin McDonald

Add Apache Forrest 0.9, symlink to latest etc

Add script that will run periodically to clean up workspaces of disabled jobs

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Add snapd to all ubuntu versions, jenkins only. Despite snapcraft docs, snapd is not installed by default on 16.04

Bump Tomcat rom 9.0.2 to 9.0.10

send dubbos private commits to their list

OF: tweak, exclude META from matching PMC

OF: Upggrade Jenkins

Give dubbo podling access to a pmc only area

Add jdk 11 ea 19

Silly fix maybe, but then we have an uppercase directory.

Add script to create a gzip of an mbox

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OF: syntax

deploy dockerhub creds to jenkins nodes

Add required module

Add memcached

Add Ant 1.9.11 to Buildbot and Jenkins nodes

phpbb user and group required

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no digest in list names

Send xmlbeans commit mails to poi dev list as per INFRA-16637

Send xmlbeans commit mails to poi dev list as per INFRA-16637

flesh out initial sitemap-index file

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move robots.txt and style.css from svn. Update robots.txt urls to ignore; and add a sitemap-index file.

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ready to install, lets see

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OF: typo

create /var/qmail/ /var/qmail/control dirs with perms

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ensure that the ezmlm-test has the default symlink in place before it runs

OF: add more path back in

OF: make clean uses rm and cat from the /bin directory, so make it available

try it this way

OF: s/_/-