Daniel Keir Haywood

ISIS-2062: moves helloworld and simpleapp into its own Antora cpt.

renames 'doc' directory to '_adoc' in both cases.

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ISIS-2062: moves simpleapp into its own Antora cpt.

Moves files, updates site.yml, updates references.

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ISIS-2062: moves helloworld into its own Antora cpt.

Moves files, updates site.yml, updates references.

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ISIS-2062: moving helloworld and simpleapp into their own Antora cpt.

Moves the common prereq stuff into each so is standalone.

removes --local from call to serve (antora preview.sh)

not all versions of serve support this flag.

avoids extensions module being included in the mvn reactor twice

... when attempting to build from top-level.

ISIS-654: take-on of QueryResultsCache

ISIS-637: fixes for validation with modal action dialogs

* if entity link (select2choice dropdown) is required, show feedback.

* shouldn't call setResponsePage when commit change to select2choice

ISIS-648, ISIS-652, ISIS-653, ISIS-655: bulk actions, request scoped services

ISIS-652: @RequestScoped services

- CDI 1.0 now a dependency of applib (for the @RequestScoped annotation)

- javassist is now a dependency of runtime

- ServiceInitializer, create javassist proxy for request-scoped services/beans

(delegates to threadlocal held within the proxy)

- functionality in JavassistClassSubstitor now moved into core (ClassSubstitutorAbstract) so that

ObjectSpecifications for @RequestScoped services are automatically setup correctly

(the synthetic methods etc are disregarded)

- old JavassistClassSubstitor in core-bytecode-javassist now marked as deprecated

- PersistenceSession#open automatically initializes all request-scoped services (by downcasting to RequestScopedService and

calling __isis_startRequest), and #close() similarly tidies up (by calling to __isis_endRequest)

- UserProfileLoaderDefault, when creating the UserProfile object, excludes any request-scoped services

ISIS-648, ISIS-655: enhanced bulk update support

- @Bulk#appliesTo property - whether to render action *only* as bulk

- updates to EntityActionUtil to suppress in UI

- Bulk.InteractionContext#invokedAs added, to tell object whether the action called as a bulk or regular

- change in behaviour when invoking bulk actions, navigate to return value of action of last object called (if not null)

- ActionResultResponseType (etc) factored out for common handling of results from either

regular actions or bulk actions

ISIS-655, refactored bulk interaction context

- Bulk.InteractionContext is now a request scoped service

- deprecated the old threadlocal current

- PersistenceSession#open copies over the service to the threadlocal

- deprecated Bulk.InteractionContext#with(...) methods

- no longer required, so throw an explanatory exception (yes, this is a tiny breaking change...)

ISIS-653, Scratchpad @RequestScoped service

- Scratchpad service to get and set userdata, added to applib

- allows apps to pass contextual information from one object's action to next

- TodoItem updated to demonstrate usage

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ISIS-651: make JDO PMF accessible, invalidateCache signature

in addition:

- sorted out .launch files for ToDo app and Simple app, added to appropriate favourites.

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ISIS-486: download blob/clob was broken...

... following the modal action refactor.


* Can't figure out how to get the redirect url to redirect to a new page;

* only supports no-arg actions currently.

ISIS-649: custom div to hold theme

derived from applicationName

ISIS-641: allow actions to return objects of type java.util.Collection ...

... not just java.util.List.

ISIS-646: upgrade to DN 3.3.6

Along with workaround for NUCCORE-1103, http://www.datanucleus.org/servlet/jira/browse/NUCCORE-1103

See also https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ISIS-647, which is to backout said workaround.

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    • +8
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ISIS-638: copy link correct when page rendered.

When render a new entity (eg from following a link), then automatically set

up the URL of that entity into the zclip copy link.

ISIS-618: bookmarked actions were broken...

post previous refactoring, the PageParameters held in the BookmarkTreeNode

were incomplete for action prompts (issue ultimately primarily to do with

using mounted pages for action prompt)

In addition:

- update to todo app, new 'categorized' action.

ISIS-642: added breadcrumb panel

In addition:

- moved BookmarkedPagedModelProvider from applicaiton (which has global scope) to session (per user)

ISIS-638: fixing order that hints are applied...

... and some refactoring to centre responsibility for setting page/sort hints in the dataTable.

ISIS-638: clipboard panel now subscribes for itself...

... rather than relying on the EntityIconAndTitlePanel.

This latter now strips off any UI hints.

In addition:

* any out-of-range or non-parseable/invalid hints are ignored.

ISIS-638: ui hints and clipboard behaviour

Now captures view selection/page number/sorting for tables

New stuff:

* UiHintContainer (implemented by EntityModel)

* overrides of the various AjaxPaging widgets to send UiSetHint to owning page

* broadcast of UiHintEvents to all children

* subscription of hint events by EntityIconAndTitlePanel

* ZipClipboardLink, copy href from EntityIconAndTitlePanel

Also updated the archetypes web.xmls

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ISIS-640: extending ViewModelSupport API

ISIS-639: increase buffer size in Jetty webserver for longer URLs.

ISIS-630: also reimplemented VSP for Joda LocalDateTime

... so it too no longer has any dependencies on the concept of UTC.

ISIS-632: further minor tweaks.

ISIS-630: fix parsing of joda LocalDate, and defaults in action prompt

Reworked implementation of JodaLocalDateValueSemanticsProvider, no longer converts to an underlying java.util.Date

Also, ensured that action prompt's args are cleared on cancel, so that defaults for action args are always obtained

if an action prompt dialog is shown, cancelled, then shown again.

ISIS-636: guard added to BookmarkServiceDefault

... to guard against NPE for null Bookmark

ISIS-608: summary collection panel should also show count...

... by implementing CollectionCountProvider

ditto StandaloneCollectionPanel.

ISIS-635: JDO PublishedEvent working once more...

... through guard in core.

In addition:

- debugging why some tests don't run in Maven; due to surefire config

(need to fix up those failing tests before enabling).

ISIS-632: fixing up lengths

... made silly mistake last time around.

ISIS-634: drop downs honour @TypicalLength

and enums' implementation of TypicalLengthFacet inspects actual length of those enums.

In addition:

- fixed a failing couple of tests in core.