Christian Moen

Add Christian to PMC list
Add n-best output to JapaneseTokenizer (LUCENE-6837)
Merged r1678685 from trunk (LUCENE-6468)
Fix for empty Kuromoji user dictionary NPE (LUCENE-6468)
Added JapaneseNumberFilter (LUCENE-3922)
Merged Soomyung's latest changes.
  1. … 26 more files in changeset.
Merged changes from trunk (r1512578 through r1513348)
  1. … 88 more files in changeset.
Renamed stopwords and field type to use ko naming. Fixed javadoc that breaks the build.
Bring branch up to date with trunk (merge r1485255 through r1512577)
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Removed warnings. Suppressed warnings.
Fixed compilation warnings (LUCENE-4956)
Removed compilation warnings. Still many to go...
Added words to stopwords files. Added parameters and javadoc to KoreanFilterFactory. Updated text_kr field type. Other minor things.

* Added text_kr field type to schema.xml

* Fixed Solr factories to load field type text_kr in the example

* Updated javadoc so that it compiles cleanly (mostly removed illegal javadoc)

* Updated various build things related to include Korean in the Solr distribution

* Added placeholder stopwords file

* Added services for arirang

Korean analysis using field type text_kr seems to be doing the right thing out-of-the-box now, but some configuration options in the factories aren't working as of now.

There are several other things that needs polishing up, but we're making progress.

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    • ?
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Added missing license header
Optimized imports
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Initial check-in of donated code. Integrated into build and a basic test passes. Work-in-progress.
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Branch to work on Korean (LUCENE-4956)
Updated CHANGES.txt for SOLR-3524 - got missed somehow...
Merge of SOLR-3524 (Make discarding punctuation configurable in JapaneseTokenizerFactory)
Made discarding punctuation configurable in JapaneseTokenizerFactory (SOLR-3524)
Merged LUCENE-4201 (JapaneseIterationMarkCharFilter)
Added svn:eol-style native
Added JapaneseIterationMarkCharFilter (LUCENE-4201)
Backport of SOLR-3520 (missing Solr factory tests)
Added missing Solr factory tests (SOLR-3520)
Backport of SOLR-3276 (fix Kuromoji config, etc.)
Fixed various related to config and user dictionaries for Kuromoji (SOLR-3276)
Backported move of remaining Solr factory tests (LUCENE-3909)
Move remaining Solr factory tests (LUCENE-3909)