Chris Thistlethwaite

adding my IP for testing mail scripts

OF: whitespace test revert

OF: whitespace test

OF: reverting changes for cwiki-vm5, which is test

updating for cwiki-test for real

updating for cwiki-test

bumping cmake to 3.16.2

OF: updating DD tags to match p6

Merge pull request #1679 from sebbASF/puppet_version

puppet_version => puppetversion

OF: cleaning up DD tags

OF: wordsmithing

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    • +1
enabling new httpd blocky on TLP servers

OF: recrypt for john

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    • +27
OF: removing internal host entry for SVN as it moved out of this datacenter

removing host entry for svn cause it's no longer in the same datacenter

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OF: removing infra-test

OF: remove infra-test redirect on TLP

OF: recrypting for John

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    • +17
OF: fixing one more tag

OF: fixing 1404/1604 DD autotag

adding myself to mail relay just for some testing

removing the MOTD about doing do-release-upgrade

removing the tag overrides for the TLP boxes

Merge pull request #1647 from rfscholte/deployment

[INFRA-18990] Install Maven 3.6.2 on Jenkins

OF: removing stageD testing

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Merge branch 'deployment' of into deployment

OF: reencrypting buildbot-vm2

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    • +52
Merge pull request #1651 from wesm/revert-arrow-tracking-branch

Revert gitwcsub tracking branch for to asf-site

Merge pull request #1649 from apache/cml/infra-worklog

force infra git notifications into jira worklog

Merge pull request #1648 from apache/cml/INFRA-18991