Henri Yandell

Removing osjava as it is no longer setup to sync

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Renaming 'result' to 'resultReason' and 'type' to 'artifactType' as result/type are protected words in some databases and jpox barfs on them.

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Nope - still needs the connector (via jpox, so we'd have to override to fix it)

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Fixing jta line - c+p'd the wrong bit

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Seems that the j2ee connector is automatic now, however now we need to install jta manually

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Killed the site FAQ and moved to the wiki one

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mail.jar and activation.jar are now upgraded to newer free-er versions

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Moved some of the methods over to IO FileUtils. There is no DirectoryScanner yet or a copyDirectoryStructure method. See https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/IO-105 for a request for the latter.

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Updating to use IO FileUtils rather than Plexus FileUtils. This project doesn't build however - there are imports missing.

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Moving off of Plexus FileUtils and onto IO FileUtils. copyFileToDirectory in IO leads to the last-modified being maintained by default, which isn't desired in the case of src/test/java/org/apache/maven/archiva/proxy/ProxyRequestHandlerTest.java. I'll add a method to IO allowing that to be turned off (as copyFile(..) already has the variant) and this code can be simplified when IO 1.3 is released.

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Moved to using Commons IO. Just a package name change.

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Moved to Commons IO FileUtils. Generally improves things, though you have to pass a null parameter to readStringFromFile and writeStringToFile to imply the default encoding should be used.

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Switching to Lang

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Moving from Plexus Utils IOUtil to Commons IO IOUtils. close(..) becomes closeQuietly(..). copy(..) stays the same. In 1.3 (we're on 1.2 currently) copy(..) will throw an exception if more than MAXINT bytes are copied, but this is just a test case so I think we're safe.

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Fixing the package namin for clients of archiva-reports-standard

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Moved from Plexus-Util StringUtils to Lang StringUtils. replace, split and join should just have had performance improvements (probably won't be noticed). isEmpty no longer trims, but usually people don't expect that so that's a semi bugfix. I've also switched a couple of \!isEmpty's to isNotEmpty.

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Couple of pom fixes to the apache snapshot repo as suggested by Max Bowsher on archiva-dev

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Moved the Managed Repository administration out of the main Administration page and onto its own page.

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Putting the class='expanded' back in for a grouped menu item. This gets rid of the need for the <br/>.

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Applying Daniel Mohni's excellent documentation on using Archiva from Maven.

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Adding the ASF snapshot repo so the site can be deployed. Also adding a change from scp to scpexe (and minotaur to people); and a wagon-ssh-external extension. Please advise if there's a better way to do the latter one; that's how I deploy the site to take advantage of my ssh-agent.

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Changing 'Dependend on by' to 'Used by' as per #MRM-186. Code isn't changed yet as it's the word 'dependees' and I don't have a good replacement for that

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Applying Tom Huybrechts patch rom MRM-226. Stops the indexer blo wing up when it hits it and thinks its a -sources for a foo-test artifact

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Some wiki links that make up the published design (I think)

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Expounded upon the first faq question to explain that it's not a case of secure or wide-open, but that when it's secured you're expected to add multiple users and grant them permissions

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Added a FAQ entry concerning the archiva.xml file

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Removing webapp from jetty url

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Added a faq, added info on using Jetty, mentioned the wiki page

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Ignore me... I can't type 9091 or get the svn log message right (see last revision). Moving from 9000 to 9091. Continuum is 9090

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Moving to 9000 so it doesn't clash with Continuum

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