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JIRA TRAFODION-1798 (ddl xns) and few other fixes, details below.

-- support for sql part of ddl xns. Section 1 of JIRA TRAFODION-1798

-- cqd ddl_transactions to enable or disable ddl xns.

Default is currently off. Once it is tested, it will be turned on.

Dev regressions are run with cqd set to ON

-- get stmts run with read committed to get changes in current xns

-- support for where preds with get stmts

-- scan to pass in transid even if running with read uncommitted access.

This enables rows modified in current xn to be returned.

-- cleanup no longer return multiple duplicate error messages if

objects id is not found.

-- cleanup no longer includes internallay created schemas (_HV_ , _HB_)

during cleanup operations.

-- Correct error msg was not getting returned if an invalid index

existed in table and the same index was created again.

-- init traf, drop md views was giving an error if views didnt exist.

That has been fixed.

-- regressions with -diff option now show original file timestamps

instead of the timestamp when the diff command was run.

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