Amichai Rothman

Remove trailing whitespace

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Upgrade tests to junit 4

Fix mixed indentation styles

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    • +264
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Tiny simplifications

Migrate to diamond operator

Add missing @Override annotations

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Fix skipped tests

Simplify array initialization

Delete unused empty test class

Fix typos

Simplify MultiBundleTools

Remove redundant throws clause

Add explicit block quotes in readme

Remove leading whitespace

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Remove extra blank lines

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DOSGI-280 - Upgrade to Aries RSA 1.14.0

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Fix typo in bundle name

DOSGI-279 - Upgrade to CXF 3.2.2

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Update documentation with 2.1.0 new features

[DOSGI-258] Made itests HTTP port configurable via constant, and changed default to port 8989

Extract duplicate handler functionality into BaseDistributionProvider base class

[DOSGI-257] Add ability to set bus properties via service properties of the form cxf.bus.prop.<key>=<value>

Add ContextResolver as valid provider class

Upgrade Karaf to 3.0.6

Extract karaf.version pom property

Upgrade ZooKeeper to 3.4.8

Fix greeter sample issues: - many dialogs created but never disposed (resource leak) - thread never ends (thread leak) - dialog still shown after service bundle is stopped - dialog still shown after client bundle is stopped

Update ServiceTrackers to use generics and @Override annotations

Little refactorings in greeter samples

Fix resource (thread) leak in discovery sample's client