Andi Huber

ISIS-2158: disable client-side caching for the built-in export actions

- switching action semantic from SAFE to NON_IDEMPOTENT for built-in

actions that return Blob/Clob (prototyping menu)

ISIS-2158: change naming strategy for managed-beans

- the bean-name for managed-beans is already required before meta-model


- so we allow @DomainService(objectType=) to override the bean-name as

recognized by Spring immediately after the scan-phase (before the

post-construct phase begins)

- later during meta-model creation, the bean-name as determined above

gets projected into the corresponding meta-model facets; this replaces

the previous behavior of looking up the bean name using annotation

inspection and other naming strategies

- hence the getId() naming strategy for services is no longer supported

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ISIS-2158: remove some references to conf-legacy where no longer used

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ISIS-2158: remove some indirections when getting the spec-load instance

ISIS-2158: intermediate commit, breaks some smoketests

- simplifies interaction between spec-loader and type-registry

- speed up 'isManagedBean' check, by no longer using reflection, when we

already can ask a fully populated hash-map

- converts DefaultedFacet to use new 'IsisConfiguration'

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ISIS-2158: fixing performance issues and tests

ISIS-2158: replace home-brew service injector with Spring's

ISIS-2158: sidebar-css: hide border when collapsed

ISIS-2158: extensions: excel-export fallback for sheet-name if empty

- fixes excel export on standalone lists

ISIS-2158: wicket-viewer: fixes collections rendering

ISIS-2158: intermediate commit with debug lines, several fixes though ..

- registered beans now honor the @DomainService(objectType="...")


- lookup Specification by SpedId other than class-name was broken

- attempted fix for the RO Viewer on collections

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ISIS-2158: refactoring towards free MM from ObjectAdapter

ISIS-2158: regression

ISIS-2158: fixes OpenJDK-11 cross compilation issue

ISIS-2158: IsisPresets (for logging) ... add silence variant for MM

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ISIS-2158: fixes the mixed-in association accept logic

- seems one predicate got flipped during refactoring

ISIS-2158: polishing the SpecificationLoaderDefault

ISIS-2158: minor polishing

ISIS-2158: further regarding terminology

- also consolidate some of the type categorization logic

- a ManagedBeanAdapter is always of BeanSort = MANAGED_BEAN, so field


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ISIS-2158: some renaming after clarifying terminology

- ManagedBean <=> injectable

- ManagedObject <=> introspectable

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ISIS-2158: fixes ServiceInjector not honoring @Primary

- instance equality checks seem to require the @Primary constant in

_Constants to be picked up via reflection instead of providing a newed

up one

ISIS-2158: extend spec-loading, also allow for concurrent validation

- as an optimization step we also introduced a new highly specialized

List type '_VersionedList'

- _VersionedList allows to iterate over its elements while concurrently

adding elements to the list

- we have a special traversal function 'forEach(element)' that very fast

traverses all elements even those that get added during traversal

ISIS-2158: polishing SpecificationLoader interface

ISIS-2158: fixing tests

ISIS-2158: revert FacetAbstract temp. changes to previous version

- OpenJDK 11 build fails on this class - no idea why

ISIS-2158: introduces a DeficiencyFacet

- facets of this particular type do now get added directly to the

meta-model during validation; these are specifically added to the

facet-holder, that is considered responsible for the failure

- this automatically allows for the meta-model export to also include

deficiency facets, explaining what's going wrong, right at the place

where they originate from

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ISIS-2158: polish meta-model life cycle

ISIS-2158: moving unreferenced classes to 'legacy'

ISIS-2158: move ObjectFactory -> 'legacy'

ISIS-2158: move jdo query specific api to 'jdo-common'