Andrea Cosentino

Merge pull request #3122 from omarsmak/patch-1

Fix small typo in type-converter.adoc

Camel-AWS-CW: Moving the logic of doStart for endpoint in doInit

Camel-Olingo4: Fixed CS

Camel-Olingo2: Fixed CS

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Upgrade Flink to version 1.9.0

Fixed CS for Swagger REST DSL Generator

Upgrade Vertx to version 3.8.1

Merge pull request #3119 from rrhartjr/master

Fix typo in aws-cw doc

update migration guide

Upgrade Directory Watcher to version 0.9.6

Upgrade Jooq to version 3.11.12

Camel-AWS-SNS: Moving the logic of doStart for endpoint in doInit

Camel-AWS-SQS: Fixed CS

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Camel-AWS-SQS: Moving the logic of doStart for endpoint in doInit

Upgrade Commons DBCP to version 2.7.0

Camel-Any23: polished code a bit

Upgrade Jgroups to version 4.1.2.Final

Upgrade Californium to version 2.0.0-M16

Upgrade Mongodb Java driver to version 3.11.0

Fixed CS for Camel-Core

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Fixed CS for Camel-Any23

Adding Dmitry Volodin to also in main repo

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Camel-Any23: Added a SB Integration test for the component

CAMEL-13877 - Fixed CS

Merge pull request #3116 from dimitrisli/master

Adding contributor name

Merge pull request #3114 from alaz/pr-contrib

Add myself to the list of contributors


Fixed Camel AWS MSK docs

Removed Camel-snakeyaml Karaf integration test: there is already CamelYamlTest

Upgrade Snakeyaml to version 1.25