Andrea Cosentino

Upgrade QPid Broker to version 7.1.5

Upgrade Mongodb Java driver to version 3.11.1

Upgrade Jgit to version

Fixed Karaf features using Async Http Client

Upgrade Async Http client to version 2.10.4

Regen again

Regen docs

Camel-AWS SWF: Fixed link name in docs

Merge branch 'master' of

Camel-pulsar example: Removed camel-pulsar version from example

Added camel-pulsar to kit

Upgrade Jackrabbit to version 2.19.5

Upgrade Arquillian to version 1.5.0.Final

Lets go back to an existing bundle for fastjson 1.2.61_1

Upgrade Mimepull to version 1.9.12

Upgrade Zipkin to version 2.17.2

Upgrade Rxjava to version 2.2.13

Fixed CS for Camel-Bindy

Merge pull request #3229 from omarsmak/patch-2

Add JAXB dependency note in the migration guide

Upgrade Json Flattener to version 0.7.1

Upgrade Rest Assured to version 4.1.2

Upgrade Fabric8 Maven plugin to version 4.3.0

CAMEL-14036 - Added link to clustering in user manual

CAMEL-14036 - Removed AsyncProcessorAwaitManager from user-manual entries

CAMEL-14036 - Added tracer link to user manual

CAMEL-14036 - Added link to pluggable class resolvers to user manual

CAMEL-14036 - Added link to XML configuration in user manual


CAMEL-14036 - Added a link to configuring routes startup to user manual

CAMEL-14036 - Added endpoint annotations link to user manual