Andrzej Bialecki

Fix download links for Lucene 8.1.1
Lucene/Solr 8.1.1 release
Update redirects for Lucene/Solr 8.1.1 javadocs
Update CMS production sync exceptions for 8_1_1 javadocs
SOLR-6830 Upgrade Woodstox and StAX API.

SOLR-6830 Update CHANGES.

SOLR-6830 Upgrade Woodstox and StAX.

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SOLR-4648 Add PreAnalyzedUpdateProcessorFactory.

SOLR-4648 Add PreAnalyzedUpdateProcessorFactory.

LUCENE-4122 Replace Payload with BytesRef.

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LUCENE-4122 Remove other non-fatal refs to Payload.

LUCENE-4122 Replace Payload with BytesRef.

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LUCENE-4119 Port from rev. 1347777.

LUCENE-4119 SegmentInfoFormat.getSegmentInfos{Reader,Writer} should be singular.

LUCENE-3837 Initial patch - support for merging stored fields and inverted data on reading.

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Initial branch for LUCENE-3837.

SOLR-1535 Pre-analyzed field type.

SOLR-3322 Add more context to IndexReaderFactory.newReader.

LUCENE-3934 Residual IDF calculation in the pruning package was wrong,

correct formula required a slightly different implementation. Unit test added.

SOLR-2375 merge from trunk rev. 1075804.
SOLR-2375 Store & Load functionality for Suggester Lookup implementations.

Threshold parameter is a float, not a string representation of a float.

SOLR-2173 Suggester should always rebuild Lookup data if Lookup.load fails.

SOLR-2173 Suggester should always rebuild Lookup data if Lookup.load fails.

SOLR-2157 Suggester should return alpha-sorted results when onlyMorePopular=false.

Cleanup imports and remove @Override related to interfaces.

LUCENE-2638 Make HighFreqTerms.TermStats class public.

LUCENE-2482 Index sorter tool.

Fix 1.6-isms.

SOLR-1316 Create autosuggest component - ported from trunk to branch_3x by Grant.

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