mthelen in subversion

* www/hacking.html

(patch-manager): Change to reflect Hyrum Wright as the new patch manager.

Fix to handle externals pinned with -rX instead of -r X.

Patch by: Jacob Atzen <>

(Tweaked by me.)

Approved by: djames

* contrib/client-side/

(UpdateExternalsOnDir): Change the external-matching regular

expression so it matches revisions specified as "-rX".

Add links to additional resources in the "Where can I get more information?"

section of the FAQ.

Patch by: Gábor Szabó <>

(Tweaked by me.)

Review by: maxb

* www/faq.html

(more-information): Add links to the Subversion Book (,

the users mailing list archives (, and

Also organize the resources into a list.

As a followup to r14858, replace some remaining <a> anchors with <div>

elements. Also change "#wedged-repos" links to "#bdb-recovery".

Patch by: Joshua Varner <>

Review by: maxb


Approved by: kfogel

* www/faq.html

(bdb-recovery): Remove <a> anchor and add a backward compatibility div for


(stuck-bdb-repos): Remove <a> anchor and add a backward compatibility div

for "permissions". Also update a "#wedged-repos" link to "#bdb-recovery".

(bdblogs, bdb-cannot-allocate-memory, db-recover): Change "#wedged-repos"

links to "#bdb-recovery".

* www/hacking.html: Set svn:mime-type to "text/html".

Approved by: kfogel

* CHANGES: Fix a typo.

Approved by: lundblad

* STATUS: Add r14057.

Approved by: lundblad.

Fix a crash bug.

* subversion/libsvn_ra_dav/session.c (shim_svn_ra_dav__lock): Fix a

crash by not passing NULL to apr_xml_quote_string when the comment

is NULL.

Approved by: lundblad

* HACKING: Update the location of the SVN book source and translations,

which are now located in their own repository. Also update the example

Emacs hook that pulls in svnbook.el for editing the book's source files.

The Emacs hook change was written by kfogel.

Approved by kfogel.

Fix a typo.

Suggested by: Dennis Lundberg <>

* doc/book/book/ch03.xml

(svn-ch-3-sect-5.5): Fix a typo.

Add a warning against modifying transactions in a hook script.

Patch by: Steve Greenland <>

(Tweaked by me.)

* doc/book/book/ch05.xml

(svn-ch-5-sect-2.1): Warn against modifying transactions in a hook script.

* COMMITTERS, HACKING: Update mthelen's email address.

Fix a typo noticed by Yves Bergeron <>.

* doc/book/book/ch04.xml

(svn-ch-4-sect-3.2.3): Fix a typo.

Add a reference to Scmbug, a project that integrates software configuration

management with bug-tracking, and supports Subversion. Thanks to Kristis

Makris <> for the patch.

* doc/book/book/appd.xml

(svn-ap-d-sect-4): Add a reference to Scmbug.

Fix a typo.

Patch by: Dimitri Papadopoulos-Orfanos <>

* doc/book/book/foreword.xml

(svn-foreword): Remove an unnecessary period.

Fix a typo.

Suggested by: <>

* doc/book/book/ch03.xml

(svn-ch-3-sect-5.2.1): Fix a typo.

Add a warning about svnlook and svnadmin to the svn+ssh checklist.

Patch by: Andy Whitcroft <>


* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

(svn-ch-6-sect-5): Mention that svnlook and svnadmin need to access

the repository with a sane umask, in addition to svnserve.

Fix issue #1805. Consistently use /path/to/repos (with a leading slash)

throughout Chapter 5 of the book.

* doc/book/book/ch05.xml:

Change all uses of "path/to/repos" to "/path/to/repos".

Add a missing "Accesses Repository" section to the reference for "svn add".

Patch by: Toby Johnson <>

* doc/book/book/ch09.xml

(svn-ch-9-sect-1.2): Add "Accesses Repository" section.

Update a doc comment to use the active voice.

Approved by sussman.

* subversion/mod_authz_svn/mod_authz_svn.c

(check_access_subtree): Update doc comment to use the active voice rather

than passive.

Fix issue #1949. Check COPY requests to make sure the user has read access to

the entire subtree of the path being copied.

Approved by sussman.

* subversion/mod_authz_svn/mod_authz_svn.c

(AUTHZ_SVN_READ_TREE): New access type, requiring read access to a path and

every location beneath that path.

(sections_matching_prefix_baton): New baton type for finding config sections

that match a prefix.

(parse_authz_lines): Add parens to clarify precedence.

(find_sections_matching_prefix): New callback function to determine whether

a config section name matches a prefix. If it matches, the section name

is pushed onto an array in the baton. This is used to find all config

sections for locations beneath a particular path.

(check_access_subtree): New function to check access to the subtree beneath

a path. Access to the path itself is not checked, and is assumed to be

allowed. Access to the subtree is considered to be disallowed only if it

is restricted by a configuration option in the subtree. Also, the actual

existence of locations in the subtree is completely ignored. If access to

a location beneath the path is disallowed, all access to the subtree is

disallowed regardless of whether the restricted location actually exists

in the repository.

(check_access): Rearrange the logic of a do-while loop to make it a while

loop. Also, if access of AUTHZ_SVN_READ_TREE is required, then call

check_access_subtree after doing the normal check for read access.

(req_check_access): Require AUTHZ_SVN_READ_TREE access for the source path

of a COPY request.

* subversion/include/svn_config.h

(svn_config_section_enumerator_t): New callback to be called for each

section in a svn_config_t.

(svn_config_enumerate_sections): New function that calls a callback for

each section in a svn_config_t.

(svn_config_enumerate): Fix a typo in the comment header.

* subversion/libsvn_subr/config.c

(svn_config_enumerate_sections): New function that calls a callback for

each section in a svn_config_t.

Add more info about the Windows XP WebFolders bug, and add vss2svn to the list

of repository converters.

Patch by: Toby Johnson <>

* doc/book/book/appc.xml

(svn-ap-c-sect-3.1): Add more info about the Windows XP WebFolders shortcut

bug and a suggested workaround.

* doc/book/book/appd.xml:

(svn-ap-d-sect-1): Fix comment on Section 1 to correct title.

(svn-ap-d-sect-3): Add reference to under "Repository


Fix incorrect grammar and awkward phrasing in the book.

* doc/book/book/appb.xml

(svn-ap-b-sect-1.2.1): Insert a missing "a", and complete an incomplete

phrase. Also break up a run-on sentence.

(svn-ap-b-sect-1.2.8): Remove "which" that breaks the flow of the sentence.

* doc/book/book/ch03.xml

(svn-ch-3-sect-4.2): Fix an awkward sentence by removing an unnecessary

parenthetical phrase.

(svn-ch-3-sect-4.3.1): Change "of file" to "of the file".

* doc/book/book/ch05.xml

(svn-ch-5-sect-3.1.3): Remove an unnecessary "really" and a redundant "at

this point". Rewrite several awkward sentences.

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

(svn-ch-6-sect-3.3): Change "as user" to "as the user".

(svn-ch-6-sect-4): Remove unnecessary "which".

(svn-ch-6-sect-4.4.2): Change "user" to "the user", and change a few other

awkward phrases.

* doc/book/book/ch07.xml

(svn-ch-7-sect-1.1): Remove unnecessary "again"

(svn-ch-7-sect-1.3.1): Fix an incomplete sentence, and change "semi-colon

delimited" to "semicolon-delimited".

(svn-ch-7-sect-2.2): Change "lossage" to "loss".

(svn-ch-7-sect-2.3.3): Break up run-on sentence with a colon.

* doc/book/book/ch08.xml

(svn-ch-8-dia-2): Change "Revisioning" to "Versioning".

(svn-ch-8-sect-1.1, svn-ch-8-sect-1.2.1, svn-ch-8-sect-1.2.3): Add a few

words to make sentences read better.

(svn-ch-8-sect-6.4): Remove redundant "actually".

* doc/book/book/ch09.xml

(svn-ch-9-sect-1.2): Change "in working copy" to "in your working copy".

Capitalize "id" where it occurs. Add a few missing words and punctuation.

(svn-ch-9-sect-3.2): Fix a misleading sentence: svnlook propget shows the

property values of a file, not the value of the file itself.

Fix small inconsistencies in command line examples in the book.

* doc/book/book/appb.xml

(svn-ap-b-sect-1.2.2): Change 'svn cleanup working-copy' to just 'svn

cleanup' since the text says to run it from the top of the WC.

* doc/book/book/ch02.xml

(svn-ch-2-sect-3.1): Change 'ls -a' to 'ls -A' since . and .. are not

shown in the output.

* doc/book/book/ch03.xml

(svn-ch-3-sect-4): Change revision 3678 to revision 2499 to be

consistent with all the other examples.

* doc/book/book/ch04.xml

(svn-ch-4-sect-2.1): Change trunk/ to trunk because trailing slashes

are not used that way in other examples.

(svn-ch-4-sect-6.2): Remove . and .. from ls output (no -a was given).

Add a sentence to the svnadmin Subcommand Reference.

* doc/book/book/ch09.xml:

Explicitly state that svnadmin hotcopy is safe to run on a live repository

that is being accessed by other processes. The wording is taken almost

exactly from chapter 5.

Add a few missing mentions of first-column 'X' in the svn status output.

This fixes issue #1898.

* doc/book/book/ch03.xml

(svn-ch-3-sect-4.3.1): Add 'X' to example output of svn status.

* doc/book/book/ch09.xml:

(svn-ch-9-sect-1.2): Add 'X' to complete svn status reference.