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* STATUS: Adding info about which branch r14716 come from

* STATUS: Nominate for r14718

Windows Installer fixes from Han-soft: Add/Repair/Remove

Han-soft (, the maker of UninsHs, have sendt me a

bugfix for the installer's Add/Repair/Remove system.

Thank you very much.

* packages\win32-innosetup\svn.iss: Changed accordingly

* STATUS: Nominate for r14716.

Windows Installer fixes from Han-soft: Add/Repair/Remove and "InstallDelete"

Han-soft (, the maker of UninsHs, have sendt me a

bugfix for the installer's Add/Repair/Remove system and the [InstallDelete] of

the inno Setup Script.

Thank you very much.

* packages\win32-innosetup\svn.iss: Changed accordingly

Making a branch for add/repair/remove section in the win installer script.

This is for the combination of the 5.x line of Inno Setup and 1.2.x line

of subversion.

The purpose is to merge the changes into branches/1.2.x

Making a branch for add/repair/remove section in the win installer script.

This is for the combination of the 4.x line of Inno Setup and 1.1.x line

of subversion.

The purpose is to merge the changes into branches/1.1.x

Reflecting the directory name change commit r14181.

The packages/win32-innosetup was renamed to windows-innosetup in r14181.

* packages/windows-innosetup/tools/

packages/windows-innosetup/Readme.txt: Every occurance of "win32-innosetup"

are changed to "windows-innosetup" in this two files.

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* packages/windows-innosetup: Renamed from packages/win32-innosetup.

The win32 part of the name is meaningless. Inno Setup doesn't care if it's 32-

or 64-bit and handles both systems without problems.

The Setup System is based on that the setup maker person is using a Working

Copy for each setup series (trunk, 1.1.x series, 1.2.x series and so on) not

different win*-innosetup folders in the repository.

Fix: The revision number now shows up in the chm files opening page

Previously, the revision number entity was not set in src\en\book\version.xml

when building the MS HTML-Help doc. Now, that's fixed.

* packages/win32-innosetup/tools/

(Main): Changed accordingly

Much improved MS HTML-help chm file and adaption to Svnbook's RedBean location.

* packages/win32-innosetup/tools/ Changed the year 2004 to 2005

* packages/win32-innosetup/tools/mk_htmlhelp.bat

packages/win32-innosetup/templates/mk_htmlhelp.bat: Moved to a new location

and serves now as a template. uses this template during

the creation of the documentation.

* packages/win32-innosetup/tools/ This file now generates a file

named mk_htmlhelp.bat from the template mk_htmlhelp.bat above wich do all

the hard work when making the MS HTML-docs. The generated mk_htmlhelp.bat

file runs from the Subversion book's sources.

(Main): Leaving the hard work over to mk_htmlhelp.bat.

(CheckForProgs): Now finding the help compiler with the help from

svn_dynamics.iss file in stead of the Windows registry.

(CntHhc), (CntHhp), (CntHhcHead), (CntHhpHead): Not in use anymore. The

generated mk_htmlhelp.bat does all this from the xsl style sheets and the

HTML Help Compiler.

(CopyFiles): Removed, mk_htmlhelp.bat and the funtion Main does this work.

* packages/win32-innosetup/svn.iss: Renamed the chm file from svn-doc.chm to


* packages/win32-innosetup/Readme.txt: Informing that we now should use Inno

Setup, version 5.0.8 and dealing with the fact that the Subversion Book

now resides in the ReadBean domain.

* packages/win32-innosetup/templates/svn-doc.css: Minor style improvements.

* packages/win32-innosetup/templates/svn_dynamics.iss: Added two new symbols

for the svn-book and the help compiler: 'path_svnbook' and 'path_hhc'.

Focus on making the installer to work with the upcoming 1.2 release.

This commit is the first in a series of pre-svn 1.2 commits and have no major

changes for the end user.

* packages\win32-innosetup\tools\

(PathSvn): Dealing with embedded symbol and path in the symbol path_svnclient

which is used in the svn_dynamics.iss file.

* packages\win32-innosetup\Pre.rtf: Changed the year 2004 to 2005.

* packages\win32-innosetup\is_main.pas: A lot of cleanups, changed the year

2004 to 2005 and removed the global variable g_sApachePathModules from the

header. The build in Inno Setup compiler functions do now have

descriptions just as the custom ones has.

(BackSlashToSlash): New function, converting backslashes in a string to



(ApacheServiseStart): This functions are renamed from

'ApacheServiseUninstall' and 'ApacheServiseInstall'. Together, this

functions now only stops and starts the apache service. It's no need for

install/uninstall of the service during the setup.

(ApacheConfFileEdit): Dealing with the fact that the httpd Subversion

modules now resides in the same path as svn.exe.

(ApacheCopyModules): Removed. No need to copy modules and library files to

Apache's modules folder anymore.

(VerifyApache): No longer need to check if Apache's modules folder exists.

(ComponentList): Moved to a more general place for clarity.

* packages\win32-innosetup\svn.iss:

(SETUP):Changed the year 2004 to 2005. Uninstall now don't tell that the

unistall not only does a "uninstall only" routine anymore.

(FILES): The binary's README.txt is using the symbol 'path_svn' and the

https modules are installed to the Subversion binary path.

* packages\win32-innosetup\templates\svn_dynamics.iss: Removing '_win32' from

symbol names. Inno Setup don't care if it's win32 or win64.

Fix of inconsistencies in variables between templates and WC files.

Some variables used by packages\win32-innosetup\svn.iss are not listed, or have

wrong names, in the *.iss files in the packages\win32-innosetup\templates

folder. This is because I haven't updated the contents of the template folder.

Thanks to Branko for pointing this out

* packages\win32-innosetup\templates\svn_version.iss: Added the path_locale

variable wich was used by svn.iss only

* packages\win32-innosetup\templates\svn_dynamics.iss: Corrected the variable

svn_pretxtrelease and svn_release to be named svn_revision and

svn_pretxtrevision as in use by svn.iss

Update for use with the 5.x line of Inno Setup, and newer XML tools.

* packages\win32-innosetup\Readme.txt: Changed accordingly

* packages\win32-innosetup\svn.iss: (Registry): Changing the registry key

value for HKCU|HKLM's SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths

from '{app}\svn.exe' to '{app}\bin\svn.exe'.

Thanks to Jordan Russel for pointing this out.

* packages\win32-innosetup\is_main.pas: Some internal Inno Setup script

functions in use by the installer are changed and/or renamed in the new 5.x

line - and some custom functions had to be changed as well:

(ShouldSkipPage): Internal, renamed and updated from SkipCurPage

(ApacheServiceUninstall): Using the Exec in stead of InstExec

(ApacheServiceInstall): Using the Exec in stead of InstExec

(CurPageChanged): Using the IsTaskSelected in stead of ShouldProcessEntry

(CurStepChanged): Changing datatype and pageID

* packages/win32-innosetup/tools/mk_htmlhelp.bat: Adding a copyright block

at the top of file - just as the other tools in this dir.

* STATUS: Add and vote for r11685
Fix internationalization issues, syncing installer with the Windows build.

* packages/win32-innosetup/svn.iss,

-Including the \share\locale\*\LC_MESSAGES\*.mo files to the distro.

-Comment out iconv.dll wich is not in the package at the moment.

* packages/win32-innosetup/templates/svn_dynamics.iss:

Including the \share\locale\*\LC_MESSAGES\*.mo files to the distro.

* packages/win32-innosetup/is_main.pas (ApacheCopyModules): Applying patch

from Jan Nijtmans which copys intl.dll to apache's module folder.

Patch by: Jan Nijtmans <>

(For 'is_main.pas' only.)

Copied 1.1.0 into /tags/1.1.1 by accident. Deleted in r11595.


nominate r10978 as candidate for 1.1.x

Finish #1625 (shared APR libs) and install and configure Apache modules.


(ApacheCopyModules):Added for copying the Berkeley DLL and the Apache modules

to Apache's module folder if Apache is found during setup.



Adding libapr.dll, libaprutil.dll, iconv.dll, intl.dll and libapriconv.dll

to the setup.

Minor subversion/po/nb.po fixes.

Patch by: Øyvind A. Holm <>

A patch with some rewrites and typo fix just to get it out of the way

before the big "kodelager" -> "depot" etc patch, to prevent potential

conflicts later.

* subversion/po/nb.po

Minor rewrites and a typo fix, for avoiding conflicts with the new big

patch soon arriving.

Fixed some typos and made some rewrites to the Norwegian Bokmål messages.

Patch from Øyvind A. Holm after a discussion on IRC between

Øyvind Møll, Øyvind A. Holm and me.

* subversion/po/nb.po:

  - "versjonkontroll" changed to "versjonskontroll"

  - Capital letter after colons

  - Added ", fuzzy" for some untranslated messages

  - "type egenskap" changed to "egenskapstype" and "type

    node"/"node-type" changed to "nodetype"

  - "Navn for nytt innslag påkrevd ved import av en fil" changed to

    "Nytt tilgangsnavn påkrevd ved import av en fil"

  - "Ukjent type innslag for '%s'" changed to

    "Ukjent posttype for '%s'"

  - Other minor corrections

*subversion/po/nb.po: Maintenance and test after a 'make locale-gnu-po-update'

Removing the svnpath.exe bin from version control and update documentation.


Added svnpath.exe to the svn:ignore property


Deleted. This file should have been removed a long time ago, but must be

available for anyone who want to make installations (it can't be compiled with

VC6 or bigger because run time files). The source remains on the repository

while the binary is here:


Documenting where/how to install UninsHs and giving info about svnpath.exe

The Windows Installer do now have "Modify/Repair/Uninstall" capabilities

on uninstall and we now use Inno Setup version 4.1.5

Hansoft made a small freeware program (UninsHs) which adds this

capabilities (thanks!). Here is the link:


Added "UninsHs.exe" to the "svn:ignore" property.


-Added the functions ComponentList and SkipCurPage for UninsHs.

(ApacheConfFileEdit): GetDateString is obsolete in Inno Setup 4.1.5 so we use



The Modify/Repair/Uninstall capabilities make many changes thru out the file


Upgrade to Inno Setup version 4.1.5

* packages\win32-innosetup\svn.iss:

(Files): Installing msvcr70.dll (when compiled with VC7)in SVNPATH\bin in

stead of the system folder. Avoiding dll hell.

Removes notes about pre 1.0 binaries. It's out of date and the oldest

package listed in this file (as time of writing) is a 1.0.0 version.

The same note refered to 1.0 binaries as current ones. This reference

is now generalized.

This commeit is approvedby kfogel

* www/project_packages.html: Changed accordingly

Bugfix: The HTML help file's icon was pointing to a non excisting file.

Suggested by: David Resnick <>

* packages/win32-innosetup/svn.iss:

(ICONS): Switch svn-doc.chm's "IconFilename: {app}\svn.exe" with

"IconFilename: {app}\bin\svn.exe"

The installer now handles the Apache Server for the NT variations of Windows if

a Apache Service is running.

NOTE: This is for installation only. The uninstall part for Apache will come


-It Stops and uninstalls the Service

-Copying modules and the Berkeley DB to Apache's modules directory

-Editing Apache's configuration file (httpd.conf) if needed.

-Reinstalls the service and starts the server.

-Checks that the minimum version of an Apache service is running and warns the

user if needed.

* packages\win32-innosetup\Post.txt,

* packages\win32-innosetup\Post.rtf:

-Format change to Rich Text and renamed from Post.txt to Post.rtf

* packages\win32-innosetup\Pre.rtf:

Removed Apache info, the setup are doing it all.

* packages\win32-innosetup\is_main.pas:

So much changes that it's almost a complete rewrite. Here's the big picture:

-Taking care of the Apache Server when running as a service.

-Code Cleanups

-Improvements of IS's Event Handling

* packages\win32-innosetup\svn.iss:

(Setup): -Changed Compression from lzma/max to lzma (defaults to max anyway)

-InfoAfterFile now reads Post.rtf (and not Post.txt anymore)

(Tasks): -Added the apachehandler task which is enabled if Apache should be


(Files): -We let svn_dynamics.iss and the pre proccessor (ISPP) deal with the

name of the Berkeley dll. This name is something that changes from

time to time.

* packages\win32-innosetup\Readme.txt:

-We now have to deal with making of binaries with diffrent compilers which

means diffrent run time files and dynamic data.

-4.2.1 is now the recommended version of Inno Setup (this prepares us for

dealing with multi language setups).

* packages\win32-innosetup\templates\svn_dynamics.iss:

-Added Template variable name the Berkeley dll: libdb_dll

-Added Template variable name for required Apache version: apache_ver_min

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