esr in subversion

* notes/dump-load-format.txt

Correct the section on implementation pragmatics. Add a warning that the

dumper often ships redundant empty property sections.

* notes/dump-load-format.txt: Clarify that copy operations copy properties.

* notes/dump-load-format.txt: More about uuid format
* contrib/server-side/svncutter/svncutter:

(strip): change nomenclature to be consistent with reposurgeon.

* contrib/server-side/svncutter/svncutter:

(doreduce): New subcommand for topologically reducing a dump.

* contrib/server-side/svncutter/svncutter:

(expunge): Allow ^-anchored patterns in expunge node searches.

(skeleton): skeleton now takes regexp selection pattern a la expunge.

* contrib/server-side/svncutter/svncutter:

(log): Fix a small but fatal bug in error reporting.

* notes/dump-load-format.txt

(Unresolved questions) Trivial markup fix.


(Representation of symbolic links) Reflect mailing-list explanations.

* contrib/server-side/svncutter/svncutter:

(branchdel) Renamed to "expunge".

(skeletonize) Rather than simply removing all content blobs, this

command now replaces them with text that is short, unique, and

includes the revision and path. The output is a loadable dump.

This is useful for stripping repositories with complex structure

down to minimal test cases.

(renumber) New command renumbers revisions (e.g. after an expunge

operation) patching Node-copyfrom-rev references as required.

* notes/dump-load-format.txt

Updates about unanswered questions and sha1 hashes.

Change branchdel so that if no nodes in a revision pass, the header doesn't


* contrib/server-side/svncutter/svncutter

(report, skeleton): Refactored.

(branchdel): Header-output-suppression logic.

(read_revision_header): Gather trailing newlines.

Refactor the skeleton operation of svncutter. Add a branch deletion operation.

* contrib/server-side/svncutter/svncutter

(branchdel, report): New function

(skeletonize): refactored to use report()

* build/ac-macros/sqlite.m4

(SVN_DOWNLOAD_SQLITE): Minor correction to build directions.

Trivial typo fix.

Fix typos. Enable the progress baton. Add a skeletonization feature.

The latter is useful if you need to examine the node structure of

a large repository for funky metadata.

New, much more comprehensive dumpfile format notes.

Initial commit of svncutter.

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