dws in subversion

On the '1.6.x' branch:

* STATUS: Nominate r36834 for inclusion in 1.6.1.

Changes to build Subversion 1.7 and 1.6.x for RHEL4.

* packages/rpm/rhel3/subversion.spec,

packages/rpm/rhel5/subversion.spec : Note changes for RHEL4.

* packages/rpm/rhel-4/apache.patch : Subversion is not correctly doing the

APACHE <-> APR version checking. This fixes the apache_minor_version


* packages/rpm/rhel-4/python-2.4.patch : Change to find the

non-RHEL4 python-2.4 before the normal installed 2.3 version.

* packages/rpm/rhel-4/subversion.spec : Normal changes to SPEC file to

accomodate new required versions of packages and fixes to build on trunk

(1.7) which is also backported to 1.6.x.

* packages/rpm/rhel-4/subversion-0.31.0-rpath.patch : Re-base of patch file

(same as in r36238).

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* packages/rpm/redhat-8+: Deleted. I no longer plan on supporting this. I

haven't had any requests for redhat 8.0 or redhat 9.0 for several years.

It is fairly easy to upgrade redhat 8/9 to RHEL3, RHEL4, RHEL5. If anyone

needs to support it further feel free to ressurect this directory.

On the 1.6.x branch:

* STATUS: Nominate r36238 for 1.6.0.

* packages/rpm/redhat-8+/subversion.spec,


packages/rpm/rhel-4/subversion.spec : Added log messages to keep changelog

messages in sync with changes noted below.


packages/rpm/rhel-5/subversion-0.31.0-rpath.patch : Fixed to compile on

trunk. This requires sqlite >= 3.4 and a re-base of the rpath patch.

Also autoconf is not finding the AC_PROG_SED so I had to include SED as

an environment variable. The "--with-neon" option is now required.

* rpm/redhat-8+/subversion.spec,



rpm/rhel-5/subversion.spec : Changed RHEL3 SPEC file to build 1.5.x RPM on


* www/project_packages.html : Update link to point to parent directory so that

people will be able to find all the versions of the files and not just

"the latest".

* rpm/redhat-8+/subversion.spec,



rpm/rhel-5/subversion.spec : Added neon-0.26.1 requirement to RHEL5 SPEC file.

* Remove 1.4.x-r22076 (the auroralinux branch) as I intend to redo it another


* STATUS: Take out nomination of auroralinux RPMs, I intend to re-do the SPEC

file later another way.

* packages/rpm/auroralinux-2 : Take out auroralinux-2 RPM configuration so

it won't be in the default 1.5 release. I intend on re-doing it later

by copying and modifying the existing RHEL/CentOS packages.

* /packages/rpm/redhat-8+/find-osrel,



/packages/rpm/rhel-5/find-osrel : Fix find-osrel script to allow for

RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5 (previously just worked with CentOS4 and

5). Also fix a problem with the shell script. Apply changes to all the

platforms as it should work on all of them to identify the appropriate


Patch by: Anil A. Pal <>

(Tweaked by me to apply to all platforms.)

* www/project_packages.html : Note support of RHEL5 in RPM packages.

* packages/rpm/redhat-8+/subversion.spec,



packages/rpm/rhel-5/subversion.spec : Added contrib to tools RPM.

* rpm/redhat-8+/subversion.spec,



rpm/rhel-5/subversion.spec : Switch to using svnserveautocheck Makefile target

so we can build on a machine that has svnserve running in "production" and

not use the production port 3690 but instead use a random port to do

testing on. Also take out kill httpd for davautocheck as the davautocheck

script automatically kills the test httpd server.

* STATUS: Nominate r25593 (RHEL5 RPM) for backport from trunk to 1.4.x.

* packages/rpm/redhat-8+/subversion.spec,


packages/rpm/rhel-4/subversion.spec : Update changelog to note RHEL5.

* packages/rpm/rhel-5,








packages/rpm/rhel-5/Makefile : Added RHEL5 RPM build files.

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* www/faq.html : Fix typo.

* STATUS: Nominate branches/1.4.x-r22076 branch merge with 1.4.x to backport

trunk changes which create new AuroraLinux 2.0 distribution RPM packages.

Merge r22076 from trunk. This fixes the versions and dependencies to be correct on auroralinux-2.
Merge r12885 from trunk. This establishes the packages/rpm/auroralinux-2 directory.
Create branch of 1.4.x to backport the auroralinux-2 RPM package from trunk.

* Woops, r22077 copied trunk instead of the 1.4.x branch. Deleting branch to

do it right this time.

Create branch for backport of the auroralinux-2 RPM package into the 1.4.x


* packages/rpm/auroralinux-2/subversion.spec : Finish main auroralinux-2

port by setting the appropriate python, httpd, and APR/APR-UTIL

versions. This is now ready for backport to 1.4.x.

* packages/rpm/redhat-8+/subversion.spec,



packages/rpm/rhel-4/subversion.spec : Get RPMs to build again by matching

new NEON requirements.

* STATUS: Nominate 21974.

* packages/rpm/rhel-3/subversion.spec : Require httpd-2.0.46-61.1 or greater

to pick up the version with APR/APR-UTIL >= 0.9.7 built in to it.

* packages/rpm/auroralinux-2 : Added new auroralinux-2 package directory,

copied and modified from RHEL3.

Aurora Linux 2.0 is a SPARC architecture distribution which is a cross

between RHEL3 and RHEL4. Like RHEL3, it doesn't have a Berkeley DB which

can be used with Subversion (because of the way it is compiled) but like

RHEL4 it has separate APR/APR-UTIL packages. This commit locks down a

working RPM build but it needs to be tweaked to put in the dependencies


    • ?
    • ?
* packages/rpm/rhel-4/find-osrel : Update find-osrel script for

Aurora Linux 2.0 (SPARC).