bcollins in subversion

Add info about bkSVN repo's. Also fix missing close to table tag.

* svn-repositories2.html: Set the "Updated" date for my repository.

That's Ben Collins, not to be confused with that Sussman fellow :)

Update my own repository information.

* svnserve/main.c(usage): Add -R to help output

Updated svn.vim file to correctly recognize mods/changes with prop changes


* Pass --prefix along with DESTDIR and $prefix to python swig

install path so that it honors DESTDIR (for dists builds).

Vim syntax hilighting for SVN commit log message template.

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    • +48
* svnadmin/main.c (svn_opt_subcommand_desc_t): Actually enable the

incremental option for the dump command.

* CHANGES: Fix rename of SVNReposName here too
* dav_svn.h(dav_svn_get_repo_name): Remove my decleration.

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* mod_dav_svn.c: Rename SVNRepoName to SVNReposName.

* dav_svn.h(dav_svn_get_repo_name): Declare this function.

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    • +3
"Please pass the cheese diff". Simple little feature patch for a

SVNRepoName directive in mod_dav_svn. I have several repos on one server,

and it's nice to have a descriptive name when browsing it.

* mod_dav_svn/dav_svn.h

(dav_svn_dir_conf): Add repo_name member.

(dav_svn_repo_name)(dav_svn_get_repo_name): New functions to pass the

repository name from the configuration.

* mod_dav_svn/dav_svn.h

(dav_svn_repos): Add repo_name member.

* mod_dav_svn/mod_dav_svn.c:

(dav_svn_get_resource): Prepend SVNRepoName to the "Revision" line, if

present in the per-repo config.

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    • +3
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    • +11
* libsvn_client/ra.c:

(svn_client__open_ra_session): Set get_wc_prop callback to NULL if

!use_admin. This was preventing imports.

* libsvn_delta/svndiff.c:

(write_handler): Wrap db->consumer_func() call in SVN_ERR() so that it

actually returns the error (fixes a segv caused by brokeness

elsewhere). Remove the now unused "err" var, and return SVN_NO_ERROR

if the while() loop completes.

    • -3
    • +2
* libsvn_ra_dav/fetch.c:

(CHKERR): Redo macro to use do{}while(0) instead of if(){}else

construct. The latter was ugly.

Update all users of the macro. Gets rid of the svn_error_t *err in

each function, and the goto.

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    • +12
Fix conflict between ra_dav/mod_dav_svn with regard to "+" in filenames.

* libsvn_subr/path.c

(svn_path_uri_decode): Mark where(if) query string part of URI starts.

Use this mark to determine if "+" should be converted to " ".

According to RFC, it should only be done in the query string.

    • -2
    • +13
* cmdline/main.c(svn_cl__options): Use svn_cl__targets_opt for --targets

short opt.

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    • +1
* CHANGES: Add section for 0.11. Add --targets option to user-visible


* libsvn_subr/io.c

(svn_string_from_file): Detect when a filename is "-", which would

signify reading from stdin. Right now we return an error for

not-supported. Read the comments for why.

(svn_string_from_aprfile): Use apr_file_read() instead of

apr_file_read_full(). This is needed in order to read from stdin, since

apr_file_read_full requires that we stat the file, which you can't do on


* cmdline/main.c

Add --targets option, for reading file/url arguments from a file.

Allow this option for the add, commit, delete, log, propset and

revert. Maybe others could use it aswell, but for now, this is it.

* cmdline/util.c

(svn_cl__args_to_target_array): Require opt_state to be passed as an

argument. Use this to add on further arguments in addition to the ones

on the command line, using the targets array.

(svn_cl__newlinelist_to_array): New function. Used to turn a newline

seperated string into an array of stringbuf's.

(svn_cl__stringlist_to_array): Use apr_isspace instead of isspace.

* cmdline/cl.h

Update svn_cl__opt_state_t to include targets array for --targets

option. Update decleration of svn_cl__args_to_target_array. Add

decleration for svn_cl__newlinelist_to_array. Add svn_cl__targets_opt

to svn_cl_longopt_t.

* cmdline/man/svn.1: Add --targets option to list.

* merge-cmd.c: Update use of svn_cl__args_to_target_array().

* add-cmd.c: Likewise.

* cleanup-cmd.c: Likewise.

* copy-cmd.c: Likewise.

* delete-cmd.c: Likewise.

* diff-cmd.c: Likewise.

* help-cmd.c: Likewise.

* import-cmd.c: Likewise.

* log-cmd.c: Likewise.

* mkdir-cmd.c: Likewise.

* move-cmd.c: Likewise.

* propdel-cmd.c: Likewise.

* propedit-cmd.c: Likewise.

* propget-cmd.c: Likewise.

* proplist-cmd.c: Likewise.

* propset-cmd.c: Likewise.

* revert-cmd.c: Likewise.

* status-cmd.c: Likewise.

* switch-cmd.c: Likewise.

* update-cmd.c: Likewise.

* commit-cmd.c: Likewise. Also fix mispelling.

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    • +29
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* libsvn_ra_local/commit_editor.c:

(close_edit): If svn_repos_fs_commit_txn fails, we do not want to

return an error from svn_fs_abort_txn. Instead, call

svn_fs_abort_txn without error checking, and return what

svn_repos_fs_commit_txn returned to us.

* COMMITTERS: Add myself as a blanket committer