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Heh, quote angle brackets.
Add html mime-type and native eol style properties.
New page displaying the winning logo.
Voted for 18 - josander <>
Darn tabs
Votes from Bruce Atherton
Added a couple of new logos from Bruce Atherton ( and Michael Meehan
Added new logo from Diego Navarro (
Votes from jknight

Votes from Nicholas Riley.
Hey, when I voted before, #18 wasn't a selection. It's nicer when you

see its icons vs #16.


<>: Vote for 18. And I hate trailing whitespace.

Now that we're so close to the end, it's time to see how the current

leader and runner-up fare when used as icons.

* images/tyrus-svn2-*.png, images/tyrus-svn2.ico,

images/cmpilato-wave-*.png, images/cmpilato-wave.ico:

Added six variants of tyrus-svn2 and cmpilato-wave:

- 256-colour (optimized palette) and 16-colour (Windows palette)

- 48, 32 and 16 pixels wide

and a Windwos icon that containes all those images.

* entries.html: Add links to those images.


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Votes from Keith Burdis.
Votes from Stefan.
Votes from Robert Sauer.

Votes from Robert Sauer.

Vote from Robert Sauer.

Votes from fiucha
One vote for three-revisions.png, from kfogel.
Votes from Will for 16, 18 and 26
Votes from Alexis Huxley <>
vote for 1,16,18
Votes from Jon Middleton <>
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