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Typo: no functional change intended.

Revert r1832747:

Drop references and the requirement for the StAX API.

The saxon build needs more care.

Drop references and the requirement for the StAX API.

The StAX API was a requirement to build saxon however, long ago StAX

became part of the Java API[1], so in practice we are not using StAX

as a separate tarball at all.

No functional change intended.

Huge thanks to AdfinisSygroup that maintained the opengrok service for so

long. These type of changes would have been much more difficult without

the service.


Update internal Python to bugfix version 2.7.15.

The new version includes fixes for security issues among the regular

maintainance changes upstream does.

For this version we are also dropping the mingw build support. It was not terribly

difficult to maintain but AFAICT it has never been tested.

Tested on: FreeBSD

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  1. … 13 more files in changeset.
Fix build with boost-1.67.

The release notes say:



Breaking change: <boost/utility.hpp> header no longer includes boost::next

and boost::prior as they have been moved to the iterator module. Instead

include <boost/next_prior.hpp>. Other uses of <boost/utility.hpp> are

discouraged, it's better to use the header for the specific functionality




Reported by: Jan Beich (FreeBSD)

FreeBSD PR: 227553

Patch by: truckman

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Initial attempt at a clang-format configuration file.

Only advisory and still not comprehensive enough to cover our Cpp coding


python: rename pcbuild to msvs9 in patch names to avoid confusion.

Since r1759046, which updated python to version 2.7.12, we are using

the legacy buildfiles which upstream moved from PCbuild to PC/VS9.0.

We kept the old name for the patches to preserve the history in the

repository but since there is a good chance we may update the required

compiler, and use the updated build files, rename them properly to avoid


Consistently use $(PYVERSION) while here.

Note this is untested: being a simple rename there should be no problem.

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Update Python to version 2.7.14.

Released on 2017-09-16.

ChangeLog available here:

Tested on: FreeBSD

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freebsd-powerpc: obvious fix.
freebsd-arm: obvious fix.
Revert r1719566 and bring back some casts.

CERT C coding standard seem to have changed its mind.

MEM02-A. Do not cast the return value from malloc().

has been superceeded by:

MEM02-C. Immediately cast the result of a memory allocation function call

into a pointer to the allocated type.

The later carries is an exception for modern C compilers, however it is

also likely we have to deal with a C++ compiler.

i101100 - Fix some aliasing issues.

Undo unnecessary change from r1782205: using a union in oslSocketAddrImpl

just makes the code more complex and doesn't improve aliasing.

i101100 - Fix some aliasing issues.

This is a very small part of a patch submitted by Caolan McNamara on

2009 to help OOo work with -fstrict-aliasing. It is not complete and for

now I omitted adding -fno-strict-aliasing to many makefiles.

This does require a lot more attention and will have to be completed at

some point because newer versions of GCC enable strict-aliasing with most

optimization levels.

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Permit using clang for FreeBSD ARM and PowerPC builds.

Inspired on the linux/clang changes.

Let's leave the $HeadURL$ at the end.

Looks better and serves the same purpose.

Reinstate part of the LinuxPPC64 support removed by error.

This shouldn't have happened in r1778625.

More FreeBSD PPC and ARM support.

Add FreeBSD to the list of supported platforms.

While here adopt some, admitedly subjective, order of importance according

to the expected support level.

Note: the support level for all OSs is matter under current discussion and

will likely need revisiting before 4.2 is released.

Update Hunspell to (minor) version 1.3.3

This is the last version available on sourceforge, new versions are

available through github.

Main changes are:

2014-06-02: Hunspell 1.3.3 release:

- OpenDocument (ODF and Flat ODF) support (ODF needs unzip program)

- various bug fixes

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lingucomponent: remove unused include from hunspell.

According to opengrok, we are not using DictMgr so the header is not

needed. The header has been removed in newer versions of hunspell


Obtained from: FreeBSD

Yet another weirdness found with clang 4.0.

Replace nullptr with NULL.

It appears that MSVC 2008 [1] doesn't support nullptr so we are tied to

the older ages. Pre-existing code uses NULL.


Fix mismatches found by Clang-4.0.

Reported on FreeBSD's bugzilla [1].

Unfortunately it is likely more issues remain.


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KDE: Add the KDE path to KDE_LIBS instead of adding it to SOLARLIB.

Just a small cleanup hinted by the kde4enable branch.

i104495 - libstdc++ removal.

This cleanup was meant for KDE4 integration: in the BSDs this is dead code

and it doesn't seem a good idea on linux either, plus carrying libstdc++

doesn't align with ASF policies.

osl_diagnose_backtrace_Impl(): leave a default value for FreeBSD.

Thinking of a future ARM support that may want to give some value to


seamonkey is no more.

Drop repeated libloader entry.

FreeBSD PPC: Cleanup the Java detection.

I don't think FreeBSD ever shipped gcj before it was deprecated by the


Submitted by: Curtis Hamilton

FreeBSD PPC: Cleanup makefile include mess.

Reported by: Curtis Hamilton