ltheussl in maven

[MPDF-60] Locale properties for Spanish and Galician

Submitted by: Ramon Rial Quintela

fix link
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test current doxia
[DOXIASITETOOLS-79] better error message in case velocity parsing fails, avoid NPE
[MSITE-678] fix link
[MCHANGES-46] add rss feed generation using rome library
[MSITE-669] clarify usage of of distMngmnt url for staging and deploying
[MSITE-658] 'relativizeDecorationLinks' not working using multiple 'locales'.

Submitted by: Christian Schulte

  1. /plugins/trunk/maven-site-plugin/src/it/MSITE-658/src
  2. /plugins/trunk/maven-site-plugin/src/it/MSITE-658
exclude reports from generated pdf: not necessary and doesn't work with maven 3
[MSITE-644] NullPointerException when site URL is not defined in distributionManagement
  1. /plugins/trunk/maven-site-plugin/src/it/MSITE-644
[MPDF-56] Pdf generation fails when there is no site
  1. /plugins/trunk/maven-pdf-plugin/src/it/no-site
[SUREFIRE-659] Maven PDF plugin: showSuccess=false creates empty table causing error. Avoid writing tables without rows.
[MSITE-604] add IT
  1. /plugins/trunk/maven-site-plugin/src/it/MSITE-604
box verbatim blocks
filter current version of plugin
remove execution section
use released Doxia
[MPDF-29] Improve figure scaling
[JXR-96] JXR Comment handling has several shortcomings

Submitted by: Matt Benson

upgrade parent and use current doxia
[MSITE-624] Usage page has incorrect information on the id used by site:stage-deploy
[DOXIA-451] Tweak Doxia Markdown module HTML to better match

Submitted by: Brian Ferris

[DOXIA-448] Div class attribute replicated to nested h2 element
some jdk5 updates
replace constructor not available in java 5
some java 5 updates
remove menu already inherited from parent
upgrade htmlunit
[DOXIA-446] fix source attributes