carlos in maven

[MANTTASKS-174] Mirror declaration replaces repository url when deploying
Update for Dependency 2.4
[MDEPLOY-46] Add IT for snapshot deployment with altDeploymentRepository
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag maven-dependency-plugin-2.4
  1. /plugins/tags/maven-dependency-plugin-2.4
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release maven-dependency-plugin-2.4
[MDEP-336] Add warning about always downloading from central
Remove deprecated config
[MDEP-306] Unpack does not handle spaces in includes/excludes
[MDEP-333] Add a test for the remoteRepositories parameter and fix issue found with parsing
[MDEP-284] Get Mojo ignores the transitive attribute because of a typo in the parameter declaration. Add IT tests too. Patch by Baptiste Mathus
[MDEP-334] Add a destination parameter to the get mojo
[MDEP-333] Fix repository handling of dependency:get. Allow setting the repository id and layout for multiple repositories using deploy-plugin notation. Add usage documentation.
Fix boolean operation
Fix typos

Remove the -n option to reeanble the syncs
Re-enable ibiblio sync
Dont run rsync with delete for M1 ibiblio
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Reorder by groupId
Remove extra spaces
Fix couple of typos in javadoc
Send email if csv has error
Use underscore in typo
Fix quotes