brett in maven

move maven-1.x to archives

remove old site deployment information and old 20x property

pointer to archived documentation removed from nav, and add redirects. Clean

up old redirects to 20x documentation that is also EOL

remove Maven 1.x from nav, per EOL announcement

fix escaping of expression
another bump for plexus-archiver

Further to the revision in r1516246, to include PLXCOMP-226 (properly support

ZIP64 archives)

update Jetty reference

remove Maven 1 book since we've retired it, and fix my blog URL

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PDF is not currently available

signup is on Xircles for Codehaus

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remove externals for projects moved to git

fix links to a number of downloads when using a mirror

[MPIR-266] ensure consistent output from the dependencies report

Using random numbers for identifiers causes the depedencies report to

generate different output on every run, which can negatively impact site

deployment that relies on modified files (such as the ASF's svnpubsub setup).

Switching to a simple incrementing counter for each identifier still allows

unique IDs within the document, in a way that will produce the same result on

two runs against the same input data.

supply the URL via a property

create a branch to show using more properties

[MNGSITE-157] put path in query string to reduce risk of confusing Safari

removed - these are all listed in the parent POM and don't merge properly when


pushed up from the changes plugin

adjust note - it doesn't seem required on CentOS 6.0 minimal install

correct the unpacked path name
initial stab at an RPM generating module from a release tarball

This file was originally authored by Carlos Sanchez

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  1. /sandbox/trunk/rpm/src/main/rpm/etc/profile.d
remove banner from site

add a note for Maven 3 users to avoid confusion

delete temp file immediately so 10Gb of files are not left in target...

remove outdated versions and point to wagon site instead

fix typo

fix year of antrun release

fix date of Checkstyle plugin release

no need for a Lead, and remove empty tags

make the source block render correctly