taton in lucene

HADOOP-2583. Fixes a bug in the Eclipse plug-in UI to edit locations. Plug-in version is now synchronized with Hadoop version.

HADOOP-2452. Fix a build issue with the eclipse plug-in: the build.xml now correctly refers to the generated hadoop-*-core.jar.

HADOOP-1848 Major rewrite of the Eclipse plug-in. The new design lets the plug-in use the RPC interface to the Hadoop DFS and Map/Reduce instead of relying on shell command-line tools. This also include support for SOCKS proxy access to a DFS and to a Map/Reduce tracker. (taton)

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HADOOP-1822. Allow the specialization and configuration of socket factories. Provide a StandardSocketFactory, and a SocksSocketFactory to allow the use of SOCKS proxies. (taton).

Added Christophe Taton to the list of committers. (taton)