stack in lucene

HADOOP-2686 Removed tables stick around in .META.

HADOOP-2650 Remove Writables.clone and use WritableUtils.clone from

hadoop instead

HADOOP-2584 Web UI displays an IOException instead of the Tables

HADOOP-2621 Memcache flush flushing every 60 secs with out

considering the max memcache size

HADOOP-2619 Compaction errors after a region splits

HADOOP-2629 Shell digests garbage without complaint

HADOOP-2545 hbase rest server should be started with

HADOOP-2600 Performance: HStore.getRowKeyAtOrBefore should use

MapFile.Reader#getClosest (before)

HADOOP-2493 hbase will split on row when the start and end row

is the same cause data loss

HADOOP-2592 Scanning, a region can let out a row that its not supposed to have

HADOOP-2579 initializing a new HTable object against a nonexistent table

throws a NoServerForRegionException instead of a TableNotFoundException

when a different table has been created previously

HADOOP-2598 Remove chatty debug logging from 2443 patch

HADOOP-2589 Change an classes/package name from shell to hql

  1. … 36 more files in changeset.
HADOOP-2443 Keep lazy cache of regions in client rather than an 'authoritative' list

HADOOP-2533 Scanning, just creating MapWritable in next consumes >20% CPU

HADOOP-2557 Shell count function

HADOOP-2389 Provide multiple language bindings for HBase (Thrift)

Actual code (first commit added thrift lib so this patch would build).

  1. /hadoop/trunk/src/contrib/hbase/src/examples/thrift
  2. … 11 more files in changeset.
HADOOP-2548 Make TableMap and TableReduce generic

HADOOP-2558 fixes for build up on hudson

Part 5. Fix NPE in make multiregion.

HADOOP-2558 fixes for build up on hudson

HADOOP-2389 Provide multiple language bindings for HBase (Thrift)

Added thrift jar in advance so HADOOP-2389 patch will build on hudson.

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HADOOP-2553 Don't make Long objects calculating hbase type hash codes

HADOOP-2558 fixes for build up on hudson (part 2)

HADOOP-2558 fixes for build up on hudson (Part 1)

HADOOP-2490 Failure in nightly #346

Add one fix and more logging to help diagnose the failures up on hudson.

HADOOP-2472 Range selection using filter

HADOOP-2450 Show version (and svn revision) in hbase web ui

HADOOP-2502 Insert/Select timestamp, Timestamp data type in HQL

HADOOP-2522 Separate MapFile benchmark from PerformanceEvaluation

HADOOP-2240 Truncate for hbase

HADOOP-2240 Truncate for hbase