cutting in lucene

Adding high-resolution original logo artwork.
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Fix to redirect w/o slash too.

Removing hadoop, including some old news items.
redirecting hadoop to tlp

Remove hadoop from lucene. (Sigh.)
Moving to new location.
Moving tags to new location.
Moving tags to new location.
Moving branches to new location.

Moving trunk to new location.

Moving website to new location.
HADOOP-2514. Change trash feature to keep per-user trash directory.
Update docs/current link to point to 0.15.2.
HADOOP-2567. Add FileSystem#getHomeDirectory().
HADOOP-1873. Replace tabs with spaces.

HADOOP-2552. Enable HDFS permission checking by default.
HADOOP-1298. Implement permissions for HDFS, disabled by default. Contributed by Nicholas and taton.
  1. … 14 more files in changeset.
HADOOP-2323. Fix Jobtracker.close() to not print stack traces on normal exit. Contributed by jimk.
Merge -r 602269:602270 from trunk to 0.15 branch. Fixes: HADOOP-2382.
HADOOP-2382. Add hadoop-default.html to subversion.
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Try using Redirect instead of RedirectMatch, since that doesn't seem

to be working.

Merge -r601498:601818 from trunk to 0.15 branch. Fixes: HADOOP-2160 and HADOOP-1327.
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Add notes for HADOOP-2160 and HADOOP-1327.

HADOOP-1327. Regenerate docs, adding new streaming pages.
Remove unused file.
Remove stale copy of .htaccess in author/ which kept overwriting version in publish/.
HADOOP-2281. Add site link to ASF sponsors.
remove a stale redirect for hadoop that breaks the current site

HADOOP-2160. Revert inadvertant change.
HADOOP-2160. Fix build to fail when forrest fails.