fmeschbe in jackrabbit

OAK-57 Remove empty mk packages
SLF4J loggers don't index message parameters
JCRRMI-27 Listing known failing tests in the POM
JCRRMI-27 Provide implementation for remote AccessControlManager and helpers
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Provide the Jackrabbit User to the authenticate method to implement checks based

on user setup

JavaDoc and streamlining default configuration implementation to prevent duplicate work and to be consistent
Cleanup (and actually enable) repository configuration and startup through OSGi factory configuration (allows multiple repositories to be started).
* Depend on release Jackrabbit API 2.0.0 (no extensions needed/provided)

* Drop SCR plugin setup, not needed

* Fix Exported and Private Package lists

Configuration Description for the embedded repository
Using the DefaultLoginModule requires the use of the other "Default" classes: DefaultSecurityManager and DefaultAccessManager (or extensions of these)
* Have to implement supportsCredentials checking with plugin factories for

support. Otherwise getCredentials returns null and login fails

* commit and abort have to clear the activePlugin field only after calling

the base class implementation. Reason: the base class implementation might

call back into the plugin (e.g. the addPrincipals method)

Remove disputed loginAdministrative method again (for Sling use cases we will

implement a proxy)

Introduce a LoginModulePluginFactory to be able to create new plugin instances for each login request. Previously only a single service instance has been used for all requests and thus would prevent actualy state keeping during the login process. To this avail the lifecycle methods init, abort, and commit from the LoginModule interface have been added.
Comment AccessManager stuff, not yet committed
Add PluggableLoginModule and plugin API
New default configuration for OSGi integration (replaces SimpleLoginModule with PluggableLoginModule)
Implement added Jackrabbit API methods: getDefaultWorksacpe() and loginAdministrative(String)
* Add Bundle profile and OSGi dependencies

* Upgrade Jackrabbit API dependency to 2.0.1.bundle-SNAPSHOT

* Add Jackrabbit API 2.0 for extension

* Fix parent link to 2.0

* Extend JackrabbitRepository with former SlingRepository methods

  1. /sandbox/jackrabbit2-bundle/jackrabbit-api
Restructure Jackrabbit Bundelization to allow for more project

adaptions and added projects

  1. /sandbox/jackrabbit2-bundle/jackrabbit-core
Restructure Jackrabbit Bundelization to allow for more project

adaptions and added projects

Fix Jackrabbit Dependencies to 2.0.0
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Create copy of Jackrabbit Core bundle from the 2.0 branch to prototype

enhancment of Jackrabbit Core to be a bundle.

JCR-2355 Add support for pre-authenticated repository access
JCRSITE-19 Remove commons/jcr-api tree again (Day Software will provide bundled JCR 1.0 API)
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-scm] copy for tag jcr-api-
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jcr-api-
JCRSITE-19 Add LICENSE and NOTICE files to retry release with

enough food for the source distributable ...