dbrosius in jackrabbit

JCR-4238: use StandardCharsets to avoid having to handle UnsupportedEncodingException
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JCR-4237 - cleanup throws clauses of private methods
JCR-4135: guard against NPEs
avoid creating condition visitor if there are no conditions
fix String.format marker format ({} -> %s)
fix logging context
use short-circuiting conditionals (&& vs &)
once the property is found, break out of the loop
fix minor miscellanous logger issues
some javadoc error fixes
short-circuit end node processing if the active importer is null
use slf4j parameterized logging
simplify, remove dead code
no need for toString() on a String
fix logging parameter handling
remove dead allocation
remove redundant toString() on a String
fix typo in equals which did not validate that parm was of right type
fix minor issues with slf4j logging parameters
fix NPE on error path when user is null
log.error(String, String) is invalid without parameter markers, fixed
guard against NPEs
remove dead code
use StringBuffer correctly
fix logging use of {} parameterization
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fix fallback super type name getting, in error condition
better toString's showing array contents
use long math for maxAgeMilli to avoid integer overflow
remove dead allocation
fix some more javadoc errors
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