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Merge branch 'ISIS-1521_pr-65'

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ISIS-1291: Fixes for auditing

ISIS-1348: fixes to SoapEndpointPublishingRule, iterate over multiple ports.

ISIS-1318: flush any pending actions to be published as the result of doing a wrapped action via the WrapperFactory.

ISIS-1318: further fix to allow publishing of wrapped actions

previously was using the action identifier obtained from the command, however the command only ever holds the details of the outermost action.

ISIS-1318: ensure that subsequent mixin/contributed actions don't overwrite command info/thread-local ... as used by PublishingService.

Fix typo in documentation

ISIS-848: When fixtureScriptTypes are not set an empty Set is returned.

To avoid NPE's further down the road.

ISIS-848: adding new -m (or --manifest) to WebServer to specify the AppManifest

ISIS-1173: making additional methods of FixtureScripts public so can be invoked programmatically.

ISIS-848: consolidated the discovery of domain services, entities and fixture scripts ...

... so that when an AppManifest is present these are eagerly discovered and are held in the (slightly hacky) AppManifest.Registry singleton.

The ServicesInstallerFromAnnotation, RegisterEntities and ClassDiscoveryServiceUsingReflections service have all been updated to look at this singleton and use if present, else the original behaviour

ISIS-1082: tiny update to docs re: externalizing configuration using Tomcat.

ISIS-1153: migrating to DN 4.1.2.


Fix links to jmock and junit templates

ISIS-1032: Allow methods methods being used in bidirectional contract tests to be overridden

ISIS-960: Make the event bus handle exceptions more gracefully, not swallow them.

ISIS-809: view models now work for those mapped via JDO to views (ie non-durable persistence types)


identityType = IdentityType.NONDURABLE,

table = "InvoiceSummaryForPropertyDueDate", ... )

ISIS-912: fix so that --fixture works from the commandline.

nb: as the JIRA issue says, is also necessary to specify system property -D isis.persistor.datanucleus.install-fixtures=true

ISIS-905: remove guard on flush that used to ensure that the xactn was not in a state of MUST_ABORT... we want to render the VoidReturnPage if a xactn has been aborted.

ISIS-871: ActionInvocationFacetForInteractionAbstract passes targetAdapter to "ObjectSpecification.isViewModelCloneable"

Patch provided by Óscar Bou

ISIS-821: Improve conversion from double to BigDecimal

Merge branch 'master' of

updated README for github

ISIS-760: increased column length for target

from 255 to 2000 (to cope with the longer OIDs of view models). Chose 2000 as a defacto length allowed for request URLs (since OIDs of view models appear in the URL of web browsers in both Wicket and Restful Objects viewers).

ISIS-760: refactor where Commands get persisted.

previously was in the closing of the PersistenceSession. Are now within the IsisTransaction.commit() functionality. This means that the usual error recovery processing can be used if (as there currently is with CommandService) there happens to be a defect in the implementation of one of these services.

In detail:

- PersistenceSession no longer calls closeServices() in its own close() method. Instead, this functionality has been moved to IsisTransaction.

- IsisTransaction#commit now does the closeServices (to persist the command) instead.

- IsisTransaction now looks up the services from ServicesInjector, rather than have them handed to it by IsisTransactionManager.

- CommandServiceJdo#complete now has a guard to only attempt the complete (ie persist the CommandJdo object) if not previously done.

This guard is required because - if there was an exception - then Wicket will restart the interaction on the same thread (but a new xactn) in order to render the error page and if the command is still present then (without the guard) Isis was trying to commit once more (ie an infinite loop)

ISIS-758: auditing should handle deleted objects.


- better exception handling within ObjectContracts for getValueOf(...).

Add .travis.yml to enable Travis CI

ISIS-623: lower default logging level of jdo; IsisSytemForTest uses to override

ISIS-486: fix for the drop down width in the modal window