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ISIS-2062: sync adoc

ISIS-2062: sync adoc

(cherry picked from commit 5db29ab999b47a5890c7072901a093e61b6cb493)

ISIS-2271: adds fullcalendar

(cherry picked from commit 747acd81641288977175a0eb4646f1af182e5aad)

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ISIS-2062: style updates.

(cherry picked from commit 46f00d65170ddc80fb6f8a9ee80186c48e13b9ec)

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ISIS-2264: sync adoc after removing some unused config props

(cherry picked from commit e28fcd2f862b40b9818331a10efb56692a2fda09)

ISIS-2264: removes 'checkModuleExtent' validator

... this was already commented out, can't see that it adds much value in the context of Spring Boot.

(cherry picked from commit 35a5ccabc429fc12ea8f96a36e5d7d0de52168f0)

ISIS-2062: updates home page

(cherry picked from commit 74661f69d521df6286f434ce31c86352e0b8227c)

ISIS-2264: renames WhereAmIModel (since it isn't a wicket model)

(cherry picked from commit 0c53ad6d6bb93d4ded06a0d8b83d250f8bb6ad0e)

ISIS-2264: work around to fix regression in BrandLogo and BrandName.

ISIS-2264: reverts impl in Favicon since Optional is not serializable.

ISIS-2264: removes Gsoc2013.legacyParamDetails config property

ISIS-2264: also fixes breadcrumbs for demoapp

ISIS-2264: relaxing some validation for demo app.

ISIS-2062: updates docs

ISIS-2062: improves the home page (?)

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ISIS-2264: updates docs

ISIS-2264: more on cfg docs, changing some further to Optional

ISIS-2264: updates docs

ISIS-2264: fixes compile issue

ISIS-2264: further config docs.

ISIS-2264: adds some more config docs. Renames some properties.


* isis.viewer.wicket.breadcrumbs.showChooser ->

* isis.viewer.wicket.whereAmI.enabled -> isis.viewer.wicket.breadcrumbs.enabled

* isis.viewer.wicket.whereAmI.maxParentChainLength -> isis.viewer.wicket.breadcrumbs.max-parent-chain-length

ISIS-2264: converts some config props to Optional<T>

ISIS-2264: removes remainder of WebAppConfiguration class

just call to WebAppContextPath where nec.

ISIS-2264: removes all of WebAppConfiguration state, just use IsisConfiguration

WebAppConfiguration remains just as a utility bean to make certain URLs context sensitive

ISIS-2264: simplifies WebAppConfiguration, just use IsisConfiguration directly.

ISIS-2267: adds some further docs for cfg props

ISIS-2267: adds some further docs for cfg props

ISIS-2267: updates generated docs

ISIS-2267: fixes compile issue

ISIS-2062: adds documentation for config props