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ISIS-2167: first cut github action

for now, just runs:

mvn -B package --file pom.xml

Let's see if it works, at all.

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Merge pull request #127 from apache/ISIS-1976-squash

ISIS-1976: removes OA map, stream for metamodel, excising guava

Merge pull request #125 from apache/ISIS-1985-mm-validation

ISIS-1985: fixes mm validation

ISIS-1810: adds missing dependency declarations

ISIS-1904: removes workaround for flattened poms, since figured out how to configure the flattened pom plugin to correctly resolve dependencies and dependencyManagement sections

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ISIS-1904: fixes configuration of flattened pom's (for externalized version)

ISIS-1810: fixes scm URLs in root pom

ISIS-1946: allows running using o.a.i.WebServer by relaxing validation in _Resource_Path.

ISIS-1916: adds missing annotation for HelloWorldObjects archetype

ISIS-1916: minor doc updates

ISIS-1899: adds current-event to home page

ISIS-1904: uses 8 chars for shaId rather than 7.

ISIS-1904: fixes issue in ci yml

which prevents a successful push

ISIS-1904: removes MAVEN_OPTS from .gitlab-ci.yaml, think this breaks the build...

ISIS-1904: updates gitlab CI settings

to create dev builds at, hopefully

ISIS-1904: updates gitlab build to push to interim nexus repo

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ISIS-1928: changes logging for shiro from LOG.error to

Merge branch 'maint-1.16.2'

Merge branch 'ISIS-1925' into maint-1.16.2

# Conflicts:

# .gitignore

bumping to

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ISIS-1925: adds a null guard in CommonDtoUtils for blob and clob's

ISIS-1904: reinstates some of the vars and the docker push

the docker push probably fails due to -pl webapp ; instead use -D docker-deploy technique, as per Estatio ECP.


Revert "ISIS-1904: extends gitlab ci to push image of simpleapp to dockerhub"

This reverts commit 6f35ce1136bfba3441bee6acc33c0d76a48b9783.

Revert "ISIS-1904: further tweaks for gitlab ci"

This reverts commit 92725aeafafe6c9acb539d137dcd8313f0946b26.

Revert "ISIS-1904: attempts to fix docker push issues"

This reverts commit a97d6b9a8ab362a7bf41d15d800f1795bae15ce4.

ISIS-1904: fixes some bad versions in the simpleapp archetype

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ISIS-1904: changes format of REVISION slightly

ISIS-1904: attempts to fix docker push issues

failing to resolve from localRepository, complaining about cannot resolve from sonatype-snapshots. Don't know why. Attempting to skip.

Also, running mvn help:effective-pom trips up without hsqldb.version in webapp, so hard-coding...

ISIS-1904: further tweaks for gitlab ci

don't pass custom settings.xml when building core