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update Japanese translation for r1628085
update Japanese translation for r1628084
update transformations
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update Japanese translation

(almost all copied from trunk)

Follow up r1617201:

Return EPERM if the uid is not root on chroot-ing.

Pointed out by trawick on


geteuid is always successful,

so remove errno reference.

unixd_drop_privileges and ap_unixd_setup_child are almost the same,

so let's remove the redundant code.

Revert r1601943, r1602058, r1605307 (socket callback returning pollfds)

Revert r1605369 (wstunnel refactoring)

per discassion on dev@httpd.a.o thread Message-ID:


Async mod_proxy_wstunnel:

Resume a client connection from SUSPENDED state to avoid the

connection remain suspended.

Refactor asynchronous mod_proxy_wstunnel using pollfd returned by MPM.

r1601943 and r1605307 made Event MPM return woken pollfd, so async

wstunnel doesn't need its own apr_pollset_poll.

event: minify local variables scope.

follow up r1601943:

Each apr_pollset_poll modified *out_pfd, so we need to copy it.

Do not call a timeout callback after the asociated socket

woke and the socket callback was called.

PR 56642

style fix, no functional change.


fix SEGV in the case socket callback was registered

and no timeout function was registered.

update transformations
update Japanese translation

(simply copy from trunk except revision ref)

update Japanese translation
Follow up r1601943:

Fix typo. No functional change.

Pointed out by mrumph

Socket event callback now takes pollfd.

User (e.g. mod_proxy_wstunnel) can know

which socket is ready.

* apr_status_t vs HTTP status code fix

* use APR_STATUS_IS_ENOTIMPL rather than direct comparison

Private function doesn't need ap_ prefix.

follow up r1599012:

C99 fix

follow up r1599531 and r1599593:


update Japanese translation

(simply copy from trunk except revision ref)

update Japanese translation
Merge r1560683 and r1581011 from trunk:


It does more than just a ProxyPass, but also looks at the HOST header,

so this gives somewhat deeper insight into what the end result looks



a comma leaked onto the page

copy AllowCONNECT Japanese translation from

mod_proxy.xml.ja and some updates.

update transformations
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update transformations