stoddard in httpd

fix memory leak. Reported by <>
Add call to arm_destroy_application()

Contributed by: Kai Engels <>

Reviewed by: Bill Stoddard

Register the PLUGINTYPE application property. Ideally setting properties should be configurable, but lets go with this for now. If we get more requirements, we can get more creative with the solution
Use a more descriptive variable name. No functional change
Hook post_config to set POSIX process capabilities in the parent to be inherited by the child processes. Some ARM clients use process capabilities for authorization
Win32: Eliminate useless debug error message
Win32: Init the args to mpm_service_install(). Prevents nasty things like segfaults
Vote and nominate a backport
Win32: output some useful debug messages when installing the service
fix compile break with recent rename of real_exit_code to ap_real_exit_code
Win32: Move call of mpm_service_install to rewrite_args hook but continue thru post_config to check httpd.conf
Forgot the doc meta file
Very rough start at documentation
yeow, Bill why didn't you propose this earlier?
Make the doc agree with the implementation
Remove upper limit on the LimitRequestFieldSize directive
Log server version and server built info at startup
Point to svn repos rather than cvs for modules that have moved
add mod_arm4 to modules page
Point to svn repos rather than cvs for modules that have moved
Add mod_arm4 to the modules page
few style tweaks
readme file

mod_arm4 windows project file
initial crufty version of mod_arm4.c
create mod_arm4 repository