stas in httpd

tests requiring LWP when LWP is not available are now skipped

move my proposal to the end of the list, thanks colmmacc

let's backport ReceiveBufferSize to 2.0

Document the ReceiveBufferSize change done in r157583

Submitted by: Murray Nesbitt <>]

move the mod_perl version detection to the top of Makefile.PL, so

Apache-Test and other things won't fool around with %INC and confuse

the detection code.

add a contact info

replying to why "the edge connection filter cannot be removed" is a


add my vote

Apache::TestConfig::untaint_path needs to remove empty entries in the

PATH list, since -T considers those tainted too.

instead of trying to match various custom server name variations (each

vendor seems to replace "Apache" in 'httpd -v' with their own name),

just try to match the "/x.y" in "Foo-Apache-Bar/x.y.z" to figure out

the server generation (rev).

extend Apache::TestConfig::which() to search under perl's bin

directory (in the case of local perl install many utils get installed

there, but won't be in PATH).

properly handle the case when pod2test is not found (print a skip message)

autogenerate SMOKE and REPORT scripts

- if pod2test is not found, skip those tests, don't just die

- try harder to find pod2test, first using Apache::TestConfig::which and

then under perl's local bin dir (which is where pod2test will be found for

local perl installs)

- finally use the perl running Makefile.PL to run pod2test (and not the

one hardcoded in pod2test, which might be wrong)

undocumented argument

avoid code dups


Apache::TestConfig::inherit_load_module handles .dll modules

(previously was only .so)

Apache::TestConfig::should_skip_module now works with regex


simplify the code

# skip temp emacs files (was trying to run them as tests)

Test for module.c instead of for IfModule in


Submitted by: Chia-Liang Kao <chialiang>

Apache-Test/META.yml is excluded from mp2 distro to make PAUSE indexer

happy, but then perl Makefile.PL complains about a missing META.yml,

so autogenerate it if it wasn't in the distro

Fix Makefile.PL to make sure that MakeMaker won't descend into

Apache-TestMe. NORECURS doesn't work in older MM versions, so use the

DIR attr as a workaround

- fix a bug in A-T config generation, when a vhost entry was in

autogenerated httpd.conf (e.g. coming from .pm file) and another from We used to have a ports collision, since extra.conf

wasn't reparsed and the same port was getting assigned to more than

one vhost entry, preventing server startup:

default_ VirtualHost overlap on port 8530, the first has precedence

(98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address no listening sockets available, shutting down

could be reproduced with t/TEST -conf followed by t/TEST -maxclients 1

in the mp2 test suite (or the new Apache-TestMe test suite, which now

includes a special setup for this bug).

- added a test reproducing this problem in Apache-TestItSelf

- added the setup required to reproduce this problem in Apache-TestMe

use a proper skip block



drop the mod_access bits since we don't check if it's loaded

ignore files