randyk in httpd

remove manifest files with "make clean" in the module\t\c-modules\ subdirectories, and run this within the top "make clean" Makefile target.
win32 build may pick wrong apr and aprutil libs if apx isn't installed:

Patch supplied by Nikolay Ananiev

use APREQ_DECLARE_EXPORT to fix mod_apreq2 build:

Patch supplied by Nikolay Ananiev

have apache_prog_name return full path to httpd.exe:

Patch supplied by Nikolay Ananiev

remove .manifest files upon "nmake clean"
Add appropriate manifest command to embed manifest files on Win32 when using VC8
For some reason, using the perl binary for uploads on Win32 appears to cause seemingly random stray temp files to be left [reported by Steve Hay]

For Win32, remove the


in apreq_file_cleanup, to avoid problems with file uploads [suggested by Vinay Y S, tested by Steve Hay and Peter Walsham]

report individual results on upload tests, for easier diagnostics.
On Win32, the most recent ActivePerl switched the order of @INC, so that the the expected system pod files used in the upload tests are not in the pod directory that Apache::Test picks up. Instead, use files that are present in the pod directory that Apache::Test configures.
VC++ on Win32 likes declaration of variables before assignments.

passed to apreq_file_mktemp() on Win32 in

library/util.c, in order to clean up occasional

stray temp files left behind in the

Perl upload test (reported by Steve Hay)

Take into account recent change of the names of the apr and apu configure scripts to apr-1-config and apu-1-config for Win32 on Apache/2.2.
For Win32, if installing apxs, determine the name of the httpd binary and pass that to the configure script for apxs.
For Win32, check for existence of Archive::Tar and LWP::Simple if asked to fetch apxs, and die if not available.
On Win32, fix the location of apxs and the names of the apr and aprutil libraries to enable building against Apache/2.2.
Enable check routine to handle Apache/2.2, which changed the name of the Apache binary under Win32 to httpd.exe.
- get rid of warning on Win32 about an unitialized --with-apache2-apxs option

if this is not passed in

- try using Apache2::Build->build_config->{MP_AP_PREFIX} on Win32 to get

top-level Apache2 directory, if all else fails - this should also enable

building just with 'perl Makefile.PL' if MP_AP_PREFIX was specified

when building mod_perl

update CHANGES with patch from Steve Hay for compile problems on Win32.

Fix compile problems on Win32 without PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS

related to link being an unresolved symbol (Steve Hay)

Update the INSTALL file and Makefile help target

to reflect current build procedure on Win32.

have AT_skip() print "ok ...", rather than "not ok ...".

generate APR::DummyVersions under glue/perl/lib/, containing

just package names and versions of those packages to be provided.

add APR directory to hold APR::DummyVersions, to trick PAUSE into

indexing autogenerated packages.

list directories to ignore indexing when generating META.yml

prop change eol-style native, and use Apache2::RequestUtil->request

use native eol

include 'mod_perl' in the list of prerequisites in the

trick to get CPAN clients to follow prerequisites.

Update the Win32 README to reflect changes in top-level

'nmake', 'nmake test', and 'nmake install' targets.

Win32 fixes for debug mode (reported by Markus Wichitill):

- recognize --debug option if passed to top-level Makefile.PL

- fix debug targets in apreq2_test.mak

- install .pdb files, if they exist