pquerna in httpd

Add mod_log_json

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Move APACHE_CHECK_JANSSON m4 macro to general includes so additional modules can use it.

Add support for systemd socket activation to listener sockets.

Calculate the power of two size of the buffer before allocating it.

Spotted by: Rüdiger Plüm

Fix comment style
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Use apr_pollset_wakeup to ensure that the listener thread will process most enqueue'd events quickly

Because the pollset is now only mutated from the event thread, we no longer need the APR_POLLSET_THREADSAFE flag for the event_pollset

Create a new lock free circular queue, and use it in the EventMPM to remove the timeout mutex that was wrapping both timeout queue operations and pollset operations.

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Instead of disabling the listening sockets from the pollset when under load, just stop calling the accept call, but leave the sockets in the pollset.

disable mod_reqtimeout if not configured
Remove AP_MODE_INIT, it is a no-op, everywhere
Create branch for input filter design changes
Default to not allowing htaccess in /, instead of just the documentroot, which gets a nice 10% performance boost by default for me.
Fix spelling
Remove unneeded memcpy.

Spotted by: Rüdiger Plüm

Apply ap_server_root_relative to the path used for the ticket secrets file.

Suggested by: Rüdiger Plüm

Whitespace fixes for r1200040
Add support for RFC 5077 TLS Session tickets. This adds two new directives:

* SSLTicketKeyFile: To store the private information for the encryption of the ticket.

* SSLTicketKeyDefault To set the default, otherwise the first listed token is used. This enables key rotation across servers.

Remove trailing comma on last enum member for authz_status
rebuild site
More whitespace

Whitespace commit

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hide win32 bins/sources until they exist
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Prep 2.2.16

Roll on to 2.2.17-dev

Tag 2.2.16

Prepare for 2.2.16 release