orlikowski in httpd

Quick spelling fix
Silence a compiler warning.

If we're going to generate httpd.spec, we ought to cvsignore it.

Place my votes...

Fix some silliness with more silliness.

Continue the Bill Rowe apr_size_t crusade.

Make sure that those systems having gdbm can use it when a db library is


Submitted by: Thomas Eibner <>

No point in linking the proxy objects with the submodules.

However, proxy is not working on AIX since the rtl changes.

Remove old kludge for AIX, since the rtl flags handles this nicely now.

Removed outdated apache.exports references

Submitted by: Aaron Bannert <>

Comment cleanup.

Change ProxyHTTPOverrideReturnedErrors command to ProxyErrorOverride

Docs update to follow.

Submitted by: Ian Holsman <>

Clean up a compile warning on AIX.

Added AP_DECLARE_DATA to unixd_config, so that it makes it into the exp file.

Submitted by: Mark Nesbitt <>

Fix a case where on restart, an admin started logging, and the logging

code waited to start until the second pass (assuming we were just starting

up) to open the log file. Also fix a typo.


Fix behavior in the event that a socket is closed.

Submitted by:

Reviewed by:

Fix an off-by-one error in an argument to apr_pstrcat.

Submitted by:

Proxy now works as a DSO on AIX.

Fix a char * vs char ** mixup...

Submitted by:

Works under AIX as a DSO now.

Forgot the CHANGES, as usual....

Add a timeout when making connections from within the proxy.

Now, if someone wants to add a special scoreboard state for proxy

attempting to make connection, be my guest.

Both the ftp and http proxies were erroneously sending a flush bucket after

an eos bucket. This had been put in place to repair a bug, but was covering

the symptoms, rather than providing the cure. Bug repaired, and kludge


Submitted by:

inet_addr and inet_network are not interchangable.

Furthermore, use apr_inet_addr, rather than ap_inet_addr (though they map

to the same thing).

Remove a no-longer-needed header.

Do this the traditional/correct way.

Get dav_fs to follow options for dav.

After checking what this does with Bill Rowe, and discovering it to be dead

wood, I am tossing it.

Being slightly picky: properly namespace protect make_fake_req()