nlehuen in httpd

All this stuff about building an uninstall log is not required. The file_created() function takes care of uninstalling files at removal.
Merged fix for #MODPYTHON-172 into the 3.2 branch.
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This slipped through my check in review. Graham's importer was enabled by default. Reverting back to the normal.
Added instructions on how to make a debug build on Win32.
Ooops, forgotten again. Added a reference to #MODPYTHON-179 in the Appendix C.
Fix + unit test for #MODPYTHON-179.
Added reference to #MODPYTHON-172 in the Appendix C.
Fix for #MODPYTHON-172 and other memory leaks in req.readlines and cfgtree_walk.
Set svn-keywords so that the header gets updated.
Use more specific error messages in the error log to prevent test collisions.
- Fixed the unit tests for apache.register_cleanup server.register_cleanup. There is not way it could have passed before, yet it did ???

- Corrected the documentation about those two functions, it was badly broken.

- Added a warning so that users don't try to pass a request object as the argument to the callable.

Created a private copy.
Use time.time() rather than time.clock() as its behavior is more consistent on all platforms.
We don't need no stinkin' enumerate.
Bumped up version number.
Reverted the Python 2.2 support hack ; I leave in place because it should be possible to use it with PythonImport.
Changed the mod_python.cache.FileCache.check() method so that it stat() then open() the file, rather than open() it and fstat() it. Added a unit test to check whether the publisher cache is doing his job correctly.
Added a Python 2.2 compatibility module. The test suite now runs successfully on Python 2.2 under Windows 2000.
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Cache the main callback as Graham suggested in
Incremented the build number.
Reverted MODPYTHON-15 to fix MODPYTHON-97 ; we'll get back to this in mod_python 3.3.
Fix for MODPYTHON-96. Thanks to Martin Devera and Graham.
A bit of explanation about the behaviour of the monitor application during tests.
A bit of documentation and self-testing for the unit test module.
Moved whats-in-an-url.html to /branches/nlehuen/sandbox.
made a copy
Bye bye OpenOffice document...
Version number in the page.
HTML version, built from OpenOffice and cleanup up manually.
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