martin in httpd

Prevent XML code from creating a broken link
Prevent XML code from creating a broken link
Fix broken link
Fix broken link
Make it compile on pre-C99 compilers
Make it compile on pre-C99 compilers (Move decls to beginning of func)
Tweaking code to compile on pre-C99 compilers
Another typo
When sending a proxy request of the form

GET http://[3ffe:1:1001:3000:230:5ff:fe05:3c3c]/server-status HTTP/1.0

through the httpd-2.x mod_proxy.c code, while a directive

ProxyDomain .my.dom.ain

is in effect, the request is redirected to

Location: http://[]/server-status

The patch fixes this bug, by testing whether the hostname part of the

unparsed_uri contains colon characters (which is the case only for

IPv6 literals).

This patch is also a candidate for httpd-2.0 and httpd-2.2

Allow compilation with pre-c99 compilers
Avoid core dumps by getting the signal_description only if

a process actually terminated on a signal. Update status

only on a valid wait response.

After a stop or restart signal, the old listening sockets

are closed. "Some platforms" drop out of the accept() with

an EBADF after the sockets have been closed. Such an

error should not clutter the logs.

Current STATUS of 1.3.39 binaries: only Netware, mips-siemens-reliantunix5.4 and i386-sinix are built
Propose another EBCDIC backport
proxy/ajp_header.c: Fixed header token string comparisons

Matching of header tokens failed to include the trailing NIL byte

and could misinterpret a longer header token for a shorter.

Additionally, a "Content-Type" comparison was made case insensitive.

Based on trunk rev. 571219,571232

proxy/ajp_header.c: Backport of an AJP protocol fix for EBCDIC

On EBCDIC machines, the status_line string was incorrectly converted


Based on trunk revisions 357022 and 357699.

mod_dumpio: Fix for correct dumping of traffic on EBCDIC hosts

Data had been incorrectly converted twice, resulting in

garbled log output.

Based on trunk commit

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Proposed patches for rev. 2.2.x
Here too, the limited comparison ignored the trailing NIL character
Revert changes
Convert just the message text to EBCDIC, and not the (already EBCDIC) status code
Convert just the message text to EBCDIC, and not the (already EBCDIC) status code
Add missing end-of-string checks by using strcmp in place of memcmp
For correct dumping on EBCDIC machines, translate data from ASCII

For correct dumping, translate data from ASCII
Remove commas -- they are not used in the other directives' descriptions, either
Fix FilterTrace directive's description